Sunday, June 28, 2020

Sunday Fun

I'm having trouble replying to comments (on my own blog) as well as adding comments to other blogs. Not sure what's happening, but I'm still reading! I'll see if I can troubleshoot this week.

We bought new chairs for our vacation house yesterday, so now need to get rid of the one that is pretty worn & has seen better days. We've had the house for 11 years, but the fabric hasn't held up well, particularly with small kids underfoot in the earlier days. I have the chair listed on the local Facebook swap for a very inexpensive price ($35) just to hopefully get someone else to come & get it. It's quite a nice brand, so fingers crossed it will serve a need for someone else.

Here's what's on the list for today:

  • Hopefully sell some decorative pillows. I have a woman coming over in a bit, but people don't always come by when they say they will! ;-)
  • Return trailer to Uhaul
  • Pick up masks at Costco (fingers crossed they are still available)
  • Find missing fitted sheet for master bedroom
  • Laundry
  • Deal with packaging supplies from chairs (decide what to bring home, for packing delicate eBay items)
  • Decide on some remodeling projects at the other house, including budget & timing
  • Make a menu for the week. It's just me + M until Thursday, so should be nice & mellow
  • Work out. Weather isn't cooperating, so likely something inside, and maybe a walk this afternoon if it clears up. 
  • Sort out the calendar for the rest of the summer, until the kids go back to school. We have a lot of regulations around summer camps, and several are still very much TBD on their social distancing & safety protocols, so trying to keep the kids moving & entertained, while safe.

And, a photo of the beach & sand dunes, from a few days ago. Today is a bit more overcast.

How are you filling your day today? Any fun Sunday activities planned? 


  1. I can hear the water and the wind in your picture. Looks like a perfect place to relax, even with questionable weather

  2. The sand dunes are stunning. Our week ahead on Vancouver Island shows sunny skies - I hope the same for you! I bet you will sell those chairs as anything home/outdoor/camping/yard related here is selling like hotcakes.

  3. The beach picture is beautiful. Good luck on selling the chairs!