Friday, February 18, 2022

Frugal Friday

It's been such a very busy week (work combined with lots of family stuff), but here are our wins.  

Saving on things we buy

  • We all went out to dinner for my birthday, and typically would share a bottle of wine. Instead, M & I had a glass of champagne at home, as we had to wait for the boys to finish soccer practice. I ended up having one glass of wine at the restaurant, but M was the driver & had nothing, so it was much less expensive than a bottle of wine. 
  • Scanned a receipt I picked up off of the ground at the grocery store, so I was then $.50 away from another Fetch offer! Found some discounted Ben & Jerry's non-dairy ice cream on clearance, so picked that up for $3, earning a $5 reward, so a $2 money maker, plus free ice cream. :-) 
  • Bought Home Depot gift cards at the grocery store, which generated rewards. 

Earning money

  • I sold a jacket on eBay. 
  • I earned $56 on Rakuten (from the last payout period), which was transferred to my account. 
  • Received a $40 class action settlement 

Avoiding spending

  • Picked up oat milk, which was $3.49 & had a $2 grocery store digital coupon, and an iBotta $1.50 offer, making it free.
Eating what we have:
  • I made spinach dip for the Super Bowl, and used up a bunch of pantry ingredients. Yum!
  • I also had a lunch of soup in a can, from a Friday Freebie (grocery store). It wasn't the best I've had, but it was passable.
  • I've been using chocolate almond milk to make delicious smoothies, as a breakfast or lunch fill in.
  • M burned the wings for the Super Bowl, and we thought of ordering pizza, but I remembered we had a few other appetizers that we could sub in. 

For others

  • Gave one of the boys team mates a ride to soccer, and gave another teen a ride home from school after an impromptu scrimmage
  • Kept in touch with my mentees, & volunteered at my non-profit
  • Shared birthday cupcakes with my neighbor
That's it from my side. What about you? Any wins to share? 


  1. I have to use up spinach this weekend and I think it will end up in soup. I've got so little in the refrigerator right now I clearly can see what needs using up. Nice frugal bits throughout the week for you.

    1. Sometimes it's nice to have so little in the fridge that you can see what needs to be used up. I find it a fun challenge, M finds it really stressful & immediately has to go out & fill the fridge.

  2. I always pick up receipts I find and scan them they are always way better than mine, as I don't buy many things that qualify for extra points.

    1. Same! I have boring items on my receipts compared to others.