Sunday, February 13, 2022

Weekend Happenings - the busy season

It is an incredibly busy season in our lives right now, with double birthdays, a trip to the DMV, four soccer games, the beginning of the tennis season, and plenty of work to juggle. It's also really fun to see the boys blossom, as they grow & get a bit older. But, it's not for the faint of heart! So much driving, schedule planning, & so many events to attend.

We had a fabulous dinner out for Sam & a few friends, to celebrate joint birthdays (found a place with outdoor seating), & then yesterday he had his "friends" party at a local park. I feel very lucky he's such a low key kid. He asked for us to drop off pizza, and the boys did a Magic the Gathering draft. I sent money for boba tea, and they walked to the local shop & had boba. Cost was: money for the boba, pizza & a few snacks, & the cost of the Magic cards. I'm so happy his 16 birthday party was fantastic. 

Later this week, I'm picking up 3 dozen cupcakes at his favorite cupcake place, and dropping them off with his coach for their last soccer game, and then we're having dinner out as a family. He's chosen a Mongolian grill for his dinner. No one else is particularly excited about the location, but the birthday person always gets to choose!

Next week is the official birthday, as well as a trip to the DMV for (hopefully) a permit, and the team dinner for soccer, and the first tennis match of the season. 

Here's what's on the schedule for today:

  • Work out
  • Nick's tennis lesson
  • "Encourage" lazy teens to complete their chores (Sam - study, homework, grades, & prep for DMV test. Nick - study, homework, grades check). Everyone - laundry
  • Produce stand
  • Grocery store (I'm less than a $1 from a $5 Fetch reward, so need to complete that)
  • Superbowl food prep
  • Packing list for ski trip
  • Finalize menu & shopping list for ski trip
  • Lift tickets for trip
  • Tax document upload
  • Laundry (hahaha, it's everywhere)
  • Wash all sheets
  • Book drivers training for Sam 
  • Work stuff
  • Organize schedule for the week (work, personal, fitness)
That's it. What about you? What are you up to this weekend? 


  1. I always smile when you say encourage lazy teens- those boys are busy, but I know what you mean. Love your son's birthday festivities. Friends and pizza. Enjoy your fast paced week.

  2. I do remember those days of coming and going, barely able to catch a breath between things. I both miss them and I enjoy not having to live life on the fly!
    I also chuckle when you say encourage lazy teens. I remember and secretly laugh now when they tell me what their to-do lists are. Age changes everything, right?