Friday, June 2, 2023

Frugal Friday


Saving on things we buy

  • I had a $20 Dicks sporting good reward to use that was expiring. I combined that, ensured I had enough to get free shipping, and of course clicked through Rakuten before I made the purchase. I was able to pick up: two pair of running socks for M's birthday, a water bottle for me for traveling, & a light weight water bottle for Nick. I was short on the amount needed to get free shipping, so I added two containers of Nuun (an electrolyte water bottle drop in). Nick uses Nuun when it's hot, to prevent getting migraines. I needed a water bottle that was small enough to fit in the side pocket of the backpack that M bought me for my birthday. It's an awesome backpack, but all of my current water bottles are too wide. In related news, we only have three water bottles left at our house. Maybe five years ago, we had 6-10. They ever so slowly disappear at sports practices... 
  • Used a $10 reward to order pizza one night when my mom was visiting

Earning money

  • I volunteered at the soccer tournament last weekend, earning $100 off of my club dues for one kid. My mom was in town and offered to help volunteer, which was awesome, as I needed another chunk of volunteer hours for the second kid. All told, we volunteered for two hours & I saved $200. (I did take her out to dinner on Friday as a thank you :))
  • After a long drought, sold a workout tank on eBay. 

Avoiding spending

  • Instead of going to the local winery for a wine tasting, we opted to do something similar at my house. I bought a nice but not terribly expensive bottle of wine at Trader Joes, as well as some fun nibbles. We had that by the pool, where we sat & caught up. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, which made it especially nice. 
  • Drove our electric car to an away soccer tournament (x2), which was quite a distance, saving on gas. We charge the car for free at our office. 

Eating what we have

  • I didn't have any good lunch options, so made a quick scrambled egg wrap, using a mini tortilla leftover from a meal delivery dinner, and some grated cheese from taco night. Easy & filling. 
  • My mom & I had leftover Chipotle for lunch one day. We had to eat on the run, between soccer games on Saturday, and had plenty of leftovers on Sunday. I reheated the tortilla chips, added diced tomato to my burrito bowl to make it more filling, and we were good to go.
  • Ate lettuce from the garden in salads, and used garden basil for a caprese salad. 
  • Ate a leftover dinner delivery meal, from the freezer 

For others

  • Gave away some garden goodies to neighbors (lettuce, spinach, herbs)
  • Helped my neighbor order a mouse (the computer variety) that would meet her needs
What about you? Any wins to share?


  1. I'm finding a need for thriftiness to make a comeback. Groceries will be high while my daughter and son is here, but he's doing a lot of heavy duty work for me, so worth keeping him and my daughter's well fed. Hiring out what they've been doing for me would have been a fortune. My older daughter and I have had a work share arrangement informally already in place, again helps us both. We're making sure to eat leftovers, cook at home and not rely on take out. I'm using coupons for gas, doing things for points, but still all adds up.

    1. It definitely adds up. I'm so glad you have your son & daughter at home right now. I'm sure the company is nice, as well as having the option for additional help.

      I'm trying to also maximize rewards, coupons, points, etc. There's some work tracking, but it definitely adds up.

  2. What a great frugal week. Lovely savings on the soccer.

    God bless.

  3. We used to have more water bottles than we do now. I’m currently looking for a new one as my tastes have changed and I no longer enjoy the taste of the water from the metal water bottle I’m using. It’s such an odd thing.

    Trader Joe’s is such a neat grocery store to go to and they have a big selection of affordable wines.

    We ate all of our leftovers this week too. I didn’t even have to put anything in the freezer, so I’m counting that as a win. 😊

    I hope you have a great weekend.

    1. That is so strange to have your taste change, but I know what you mean. At work, we have compostable silverware at times, at I can really taste the wood in it, and don't like it at all.

      I do love Trader Joes! They have great stuff. And, nice work with the leftovers - that is a big win, and love when we finish off a week like that.