Thursday, June 1, 2023

June Goals

June is full of lots of family celebrations (my nephew's graduation & my cousin's wedding) & travel, so things will be interesting this month! 

Here are my goals. 


  • Stick to our budget
  • Use 6 "hard to use" freezer or pantry items (including meal delivery leftovers)
  • Make $200 in side hustle
  • Start working on college funding plans


  • One fun activity with the kids
  • Plan birthday lunch with M + our shared day off
  • Have two dates with M
  • Survive finals week (teens) & plan a few fun surprises for them
  • Help boys with college prep (Sam) & tutoring (Nick)
  • Get back on track with running training plan
  • Track calories & average below 1500/day
  • Complete June Orange Theory Fitness challenge (15 class workouts + other assorted daily challenges)
  • Meditate 10x


  • Do something social with friends
  • Practice French on Duolingo
  • Land on timing for French trip (time in various areas) + hotels & activities
  • Give away 20 items on Buy Nothing
  • Trim back herbs & give away what we won't use
  • Try one new recipe with garden goodies
What about you? What are you hoping to accomplish in June?


  1. Our June is going to be filled with a lot of family, trips, houseguests and fun chaos. I am sure the budget will be busted, but I am OK with that because our July should be a low-key month and we can recuperate any June overages then.

    1. June sounds fabulous & fun! We are pretty packed for the next few months, which I'm (mostly) excited about.

  2. I have tried to keep June goals down to something doable (or at least that I can complete), not going well as I keep adding to it.

    God bless.

  3. I am traveling by plane over 2000 miles one way to see grandchildren (ok, their parents also… lol)…. have I mentioned I absolutely detest flying and will only do it for my kids/grandkids…… my budget will be a bust because… grandkids!!!!! I do only see them twice a year and the nonstop plane flights from Atlanta (I am too old and cranky now to deal with changing planes) are outrageously expensive compared to pre Covid. Otherwise, my goal is to walk an hour a day four days a week. I might do an afternoon trip and drive to the beach for a couple of hours after work one day this month. I haven’t decided and more likely that will be a spur of the moment thing and depend if I am able to get off early for the day. June is usually my travel month. Cindy in the South

    1. I avoid connecting flights at all costs. Our trip to Dubai reminded me of why - we almost missed our Newark to Dubai leg, which would have been a nightmare.

      Hope you have a fabulous time with your family! And yes, flights are just absolutely insane right now.

  4. I'm just making lists of what I hope to get done. We've got a graduation party this weekend and I'm bringing a pan of bars to help my niece who's the mom of the graduate. I've got a tag along trip with my sister that I'm looking forward to. Work is/ will be busy and that's an understatement.

    1. Hope your tag along trip is fantastic. I'm with you on the work front - things are wild & crazy right now.

  5. My June goals include more exercise and to lose at least four pounds, which should be doable. I hope you meet all of your goals for the month. 😊