Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goals for November

Wow, I can't believe there are only two months left in the year!

Here are my goals for November:

  1. Complete 500 minutes of cardio
  2. Lose 5 lbs. Starting at 146
  3. Sell 2 items (or more!) on Craig's List
  4. Decorate house for Christmas
  5. Finish Christmas shopping
  6. Clean pantry
  7. Clean both fridges
  8. Complete 8 strength training workouts
  9. Complete guardianship/will/trust for kids
  10. Research life insurance
  11. Create a list of all shared accounts (between myself & M) to store in safety deposit box
  12. Plan ski week with my sister, nephews, and our kids
  13. Decide on winter activities for boys
  14. Track all spending
  15. Reduce monthly expenses by $200
  16. Get together with two friends
  17. Decide on/register for benefits at work. There are a bunch of changes to our health care plans, so I need to figure out which is best for us.
Have you thought of your goals for November? What are you most hoping to accomplish? :-)


  1. Great goals for the month! It took us almost a year of thinking and planning in 2010 to finalize a will, guardianship and get proper amounts of life insurance for me and Mr. Steady. I'm so glad to have it done and you will be too!!

  2. I like your goals. They are well rounded.

    I would love to have Christmas completely done by Dec. 1st. Wrapping and everything. Wrapping is my nemesis. I love pretty presents but I always wait til last minute.