Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekly Spending - (11/14-11/20)

Pretty average week, with the exception of the childcare I used at the gym on Saturday/Sunday. It's expensive & a treat, so I only splurge when I'm on my own with the kids for more than three days. Sometimes a girl just needs a quick sanity check. :-)

I'll have a more detailed financial update in the next day or so (good news!), so for now, I'll just break it down by the day. I ate out more than normal last week (bad), used a coupon for a free massage (best freebie ever!), & spent even more money stocking our liquor cabinet, despite being over budget. I have no self-control, because we're going to the beach house again on Thursday night & want the fixings for cosmopolitans. I do feel a little guilty for going so wildly over the liquor budget.

  • Monday:
    • $149.04 - Costco (all groceries)
    • $57.07 - Gas
  • Tuesday
    • $25 - Hair cut for M
    • $44 - oil change for M's car
  • Wednesday
    • $1.15 protein smoothie at the gym
  • Thursday
    • $9.40 - lunch/cookie at work
    • $62.90 - cointreau & tequila at the liquor store.
  • Friday
    • No spend day
  • Saturday
    • $19.25 at Trader Joes. Picked up some easy appetizers for our vacation next week, plus a few trail mixes for car trips.
    • $35.11 at Toys R Us (on a gift card). Gifts for homeless kids via a charity at my work.
    • $42.25 at Fred Meyer. Groceries - about $22 was for the beverages we're supplying for my son's Harvest party on Monday. The rest went for our contributions to Thanksgiving dinner at a relative's house.
    • $4.59 at Fred Meyer for Pokemon cards. My grandmother sends each of the boys $2 to spend, & $10 to save once a month. They pooled their $2 and shared a pack of Pokemon cards.
    • $14 - I booked an hour worth of child care at the gym, so I could eke out a quick workout. I normally don't do this, but with M out of town, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed & needed a bit of a break. Best money I spent all weekend!
    • $46 - dinner at the gym. Should have skipped this & went home, but I was worn out after the workout.
  • Sunday
    • $11.62 - box of protein powder.
    • $25 - tip for free massage
    • $35 - childcare during massage/workout.
Total spend for the week = $581.38

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