Thursday, November 3, 2011

Net worth update

I pull all of our numbers on the first of each month & calculate our net worth. (Note that I don't count our kids college accounts, as they are 529s, and for college tuition only. Maybe I should, but I consider the accounts part of their net worth, as we will not be using them? Also, M has one very high risk investment account that I don't track. It fluctuates WILDLY, and it makes me anxious to look at the numbers, so I don't even pay attention to it. :-))

Here's where we are as of November 1st:

$35,736 - M's 401K loan
$1,045,568 - Property loans (primary & vacation)

$860,000 - value of primary residence
$334,000 - value of vacation residence
$431,833 - retirement accounts
$160,995 - stock options via employer (on a vesting schedule & subject to forfeiture should either of us switch employers)
$27,107 - liquid cash

Total net worth = $732,632

And, with that, I'll throw out my goals for today. I'm struggling a bit on the weight loss part, and need to rein it in. Especially because I'll be eating out a lot this weekend.

Goals for today:
1) Complete a development project for work. Can't wait to get this off my plate!
2) 60 minutes of cardio
3) 15 minutes of arms/strength training
4) Not get stressed over our crazy night, because it's our last Thursday of soccer practice & swimming lessons!
5) No unnecessary spending.
6) 1500 calories (or less) of healthy choices today!

What are you hoping to accomplish today? Do you set daily goals? (I do, when I'm struggling. :-)) Do you calculate your net worth and/or find it helpful?


  1. I wish my net worth was as high as yours. Hopefully one day! :)

  2. Michelle, we also have a huge debt load (mortgages), so that keeps me sufficiently nervous that I don't get super excited about the net worth. ;-) I use it as a tracker of where we are, and just to see how the stock & real estate markets affect our long-term plans.

  3. amazing! I was so happy that DD wanted to take a break from swimming herself... she asked if she could wait until after all the holidays are done before she starts back... I think she was getting a little burned out herself! So cute... Enjoy your weekend!!!