Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tales from the grocery store

M went to Costco yesterday, & here's what we ended up with. I swear, we go ALL the time, but we're always out of some type of produce. If we buy too much at once, it goes bad.

  • $3.99 - minced garlic
  • $3.79 - whole wheat English muffins
  • $3.29x2 - honeydew
  • $2.99 - pineapple
  • $5.29 - pears. Unfortunately, M missed the unused bag we had in our downstairs fridge, so we'll be eating *a lot* of pears this week. :-)
  • $5.99 - clementines
  • $5.49 - two dozen bagels
  • $9.79 - almonds. M's snack of choice.
  • $1.39 - bananas
  • $5.99 - torta rolls for weekend sandwiches
Total spent = $51.29

How about you? Any great grocery store runs, or are you paring down the list this week, post-Thanksgiving?


  1. It does seem like you're always there! I went shopping the other day and spent around $80.

  2. Michelle - I feel like that too! I'd like to consolidate a bit, but my husband likes to go all the time to get fresh vegetables/fruit. It does drive the price up, but I'm too lazy to take over all the shopping myself. :-)