Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekly Menu

I'm working on the menu plan a little early this week, as I need to plan ahead to get everything done. :-) Do you ever have those week?

  • Saturday - I'm planning to grab a salad at the gym. I have fewer leftovers in the freezer than I anticipated, and need a guaranteed healthy dinner since I had a quesadilla for lunch. ;-)
  • Sunday - trying a new chili recipe, plus biscuits & salad. My oldest child (S), loves chili, so this is his request.
  • Monday - Chicken pastina (freezer) - moved from last week & Greek salad.
  • Tuesday - Leftover chili, biscuits, & salad.
  • Wednesday - Leftover chicken pastina + Greek salad
  • Thursday - Thanksgiving at my aunt's house. We're bringing a variation of this salad, but with pears instead of apples. And wine, of course. :-)
  • Friday - We'll be at the beach, & since I inventoried our freezer there (yeah me!) I know exactly what we need to use up. We'll be making Sauteed Tilapia with Honey Scallion Dressing.
  • Saturday - Baked salmon, rice, and a vegetable of some sort.
  • Sunday - Beef manicotti (freezer) + salad.

If we actually make it through the pastina & manicotti, my freezer stash will be greatly depleted, which is part of my plan to work through our stash & move on to new dishes. Here's hoping!

What's on your menu plan for the week? Do you plan to have lots of Thanksgiving leftovers? We usually don't end up with much, since we are at a relative's house, but I plan to enjoy my favorites (green beans - not the casserole!, my dad's famous mushroom stuffing, & mashed potatoes). . . YUM!


  1. Yum! Menu planning is on my list for today... Need to take inventory & go from there!

  2. Yummmm, you'll eat so well! Hope the new chili recipe turns out well :-)

    We celebrated our Thanksgiving in October, so no turkey for us until Christmas. Enjoy your feast!

  3. I love that salad that you are taking to Thanksgiving. It's one of my favorites!

    We are traveling for Thanksgiving we probably won't have leftovers. I might have to cook a turkey when we get home.