Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick update

Just a quick note that we are having a fabulous long weekend. We're at the Oregon Coast, & have seen all possible weather - in true coast style. :-) It was 63 and sunny yesterday. We rode bikes, hiked a bit & played outside. We ended the evening with margaritas on the deck (with jackets - it cooled off very quickly!) & a gorgeous sunset.

It started off as a nice day today & we rode our bikes several times around town & to a local park. Around 2:00, the rain and wind started & now it's a full storm. I'm enjoying a cup of hot tea while the kids play outside with their new rain boots & umbrellas. It's about the small stuff. :-)

We've been playing a lot of games, coloring, and playing with farm animals. Life is good. And, we've been doing pretty well on the budget - no meals out, and pretty under control for the rest of our spending. A more detailed post coming soon!

Enjoy your long weekend! What are your plans?

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