Monday, November 7, 2011

November Goal Update

November is about 1/4 over, so I thought it would be good (read, I need to kick myself into gear!) & see how I'm faring so far.

Here are my November goals:

  1. Complete 500 minutes of cardio. I've completed 150 minutes, so I'm on track with this.
  2. Lose 5 lbs. Starting at 146. <insert sad face> I've gained weight. Need to focus on this.
  3. Sell 2 items (or more!) on Craig's List. So far, no traction on this. We do have our old TV listed.
  4. Decorate house for Christmas. We'll do this the last week of November
  5. Finish Christmas shopping. I'm about 2/3 of the way done. Yeah!
  6. Clean pantry. I've made small steps, but haven't done a full clean. 
  7. Clean both fridges. Nope. Need to get this on my To Do lists. 
  8. Complete 8 strength training workouts. I've done 1/8, which is not good.
  9. Complete guardianship/will/trust for kids. Nope 
  10. Research life insurance. Nope.
  11. Create a list of all shared accounts (between myself & M) to store in safety deposit box. Nope
  12. Plan ski week with my sister, nephews, and our kids. Nope
  13. Decide on winter activities for boys. Yes! This is done. :-)
  14. Track all spending. So far, so good.
  15. Reduce monthly expenses by $200. I've been doing a much better job predicting our monthly expenses & juggling things proactively, so hopefully we'll have a net savings this month. 
  16. Get together with two friends. I've gotten together with one friend, so 1/2 way there. :-)
  17. Decide on/register for benefits at work. There are a bunch of changes to our health care plans, so I need to figure out which is best for us.  Not yet.
Yikes. Not doing that great - I'm mostly concerned with my weight. Given that we're heading into the holidays and over indulgences all around, I need to get to the gym regularly & keep my eating on track.

How are you doing with your November goals? Any big wins so far? :-)


  1. November is going by so quickly. I haven't really completed anything yet.

  2. So far, so good on my end! Considering your huge list, I think you're doing well so far!