Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Goal Summary

I'm glad October is over & done with - let's review my goals & how I did! For reference, here are my 2011 Goals.

I realized that I posted my yearly goals, as well as a weekly set of goals, but never my complete list of October goals. So, here goes! Goals that I utterly failed at our in red, made progress but didn't achieve is yellow, and completed is green.

  1. Lose 5 pounds in November. I lost 1.2 pounds.
  2. Work out 15 times. I worked out 14 times. Bummer. Just short of my goal.
  3. Track all spending for the month. YES! I did this. I'll have a full blog post on this shortly.
  4. Clean both freezers & create an inventory. YES! I did this. The inventory has been super helpful with meal planning.
  5. Organize boys closets & store/get rid of summer items. YES! I did this. :-)
  6. Plan time off around the school & holiday calendars. YES! I did this.
  7. Start Christmas shopping. Yes, I'm about 1/3 of the way done.
  8. Bring the boys to visit the Grandmas. Yes! We went last weekend & had a great time. The grandmothers (92 & 86, respectively) loved it!
  9. Decorate the house for Halloween. Yes! This was done. Now on to Christmas decorations.
  10. Sell 4 items on Craig's List. We sold two items, one we figured out couldn't be sold (a car seat - past its expiration date), and is still listed.
  11. Plan our anniversary. I did this, & we had a great overnight trip.
  12. Clean "junk" drawer in our kitchen. Done!
  13. Clean "catch all" kitchen cupboard. Done!
Hmmm, my analysis is that 10/13 isn't bad! And, I'm not terribly worried about the Craig's List goal. But, the weight loss & fitness needs to become a priority again in November. I need to get a few pounds lost & under my belt before we enter holiday season.

How did you do on your October goals?

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