Friday, November 4, 2011

Tales from the grocery store

I generally try to recap what we purchase each week, because I always find it fascinating to see what you folks purchase. I will try & start taking pictures, but I keep forgetting!

M made a Costco run a few days ago, & here's what we ended up with. M spotted a few items that we've been looking for as Christmas gifts, so he picked them up. I also shop for my mom's Christmas gift for the boys, so we will be getting reimbursed for some of it. I'm irritated with myself, because I didn't notice that we had an unopened container of Roma tomatoes in our downstairs fridge. We didn't need the package M bought today, so waste of $4.99. We will definitely be eating a lot of tomatoes this week! Luckily, every one in the family is a tomato fan. ;-)

  • Tomatoes - $4.99
  • Cucumber (3 pack) - $3.79
  • Bananas (x2) - $2.78
  • Plums - $5.99
  • Pineapple - $2.99
  • Gala apples - $5.99
  • Pears - $5.29
  • Honeydew melon - $3.29
  • Milk - $4.29
  • Organic eggs - $4.69
Christmas gifts:
  • Lego Black Pearl Pirate ship - $79.99 (this will be my younger son's "big gift" from Santa)
  • Casio Keyboard - $79.99 (this will be my older son's "big gift" from Santa)
  • Lego Alien Ship - $49.99 (this will likely be my mom's gift for one of the boys)
  • Erector set - $43.68 (this will likely be my mom's gift for one of the boys)
All told, we spent $318.11, with $47.18 spent on groceries & $270.93 on Christmas gifts. In excellent news, I'm done shopping for both of the kids & my husband!

Christmas shopping
For my older son, we got him: several games, a few books, a kids chess set, & his keyboard. For his stocking, we got him a few other books and a toy. For my younger soon, he'll be getting: games, a couple of drawing kits, the lego set, and for his stocking: a few books & a toy. I feel like it's the right balance of fun stuff, practical items (they LOVE books & games), and the right amount of presents for a 4 & 5 year old. (Keep in mind they get plenty of gifts from other family members.)

I also figured out what to get my husband (a running jacket + a watch for running). Practical, but fun little splurges. And, I know he's been coveting this particular Under Armour running jacket, so I found both items online for a great deal & ordered them. Yeah!

Goals for today:
I did work out for 60 minutes yesterday, which made me feel amazing. I also ate well (1500 calories and lots of healthy food choices). The mini daily goals really helped, so here's what's on my list for today.

  • Call about an appeal on our tax assessment
  • Schedule an appointment for a (free!) massage
  • 60 minutes of cardio today
  • Arms strength training
  • Clean the fridge
  • Finish another development project at work
  • Hopefully receive the final numbers for our refinance and closing for our vacation house
  • 1500 calories or less!


  1. Good job on finishing the Christmas list!

  2. It's interesting reading what other people buy and how much things cost at different place. Well done on the Christmas shopping, you're really organised!

  3. Well done on being so organised with Christmas!

    At least tomatoes are versatile!

  4. Louise - we keep a fairly stocked freezer, so most of our weekly shopping runs are for produce, the occasional item we've run out of, and dairy. We do our best to be healthy eaters & not buy a lot of prepackaged foods, but some "convenience" lunch items for the kids certainly sneaks in there! :-)

    And, I have an entire post on my wildly OCD Christmas planning coming tomorrow.

  5. Great work. I hope to some day be ahead of the game with Christmas shopping. I just ordered my first thing 2 days ago. I'm not very good at getting it done early. Look forward to your post for tomorrow. :)

  6. you did good ! and look at you go with your christmas shopping! very well done, I am so jealous!!!!