Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2011 Goals in Review

Although I wasn't blogging at the start of 2011, I still thought it would be helpful to focus on my (extremely LONG) list of goals & the progress that was/wasn't made. Here goes!

  1. No shopping for clothes, shoes, or makeup for myself. Oh, the irony of this one, given the December numbers I just posted. To be fair, I spent $0 until mid-April, then things fell apart. I'm trying to be smarter with my goal this year, and I'm instead allocating $500 for myself to spend for the entire year.
  2. Payoff my 401K loan by 9/15/11. Done. This was paid off in the spring. It wasn't even on the radar that we would also be able to pay off M's 401K loan this year. In total, we paid off almost $90,000 between the two. This money was used to buy down an enormous refinance that will benefit us for the entire length of our mortgage. It was spendy, but totally worth it.
  3. Complete 4500 minutes of cardio. Blew this one away. I completed 8700 minutes of cardio.
  4. Complete 1500 minutes of strength training. Honestly, I stopped tracking, but I'm sure I was no where near this. I started running & stopped lifting for most of the year. My goal for 2012 is around number of strength workouts, which I think will be more helpful (and easier to track).
  5. Complete 1000 minutes of flexiblity/stretching. Fail. Stopped tracking & barely did any.
  6. Organize one room in the house per month. I did this for 9ish months, but stopped. I'm left with the major tasks/rooms now. :-)
  7. Achieve goal weight of 130. I did lose weight in 2011 (at one point, my total loss for the year was 20 lbs), but I netted out at 13 pounds for the year. Still focused on this goal for 2012.
  8. Minimum of one date per month with M. Did this! And loved it. This is on my 2012 list again.
  9. Get together with two friends per month. Did this, and loved it as well! It's easy for me to let months go by without seeing my friends, so it was so nice to make this a priority & schedule time to myself.
  10. Take a photography class. Fail. Didn't do this - I'd still love to. My photo skills are atrocious.
  11. Create wills/trusts/guardianship. Fail. This is just terrible, & is on my immediate list of things to do in 2012.
  12. Get additional life insurance. Fail. I'm embarrassed to even explain this, but I wanted to be at my goal weight to secure a great rate, and obviously never go there. This is a must do for 2012.
  13. Create a list of 25 favorite meals. This is an ongoing work in progress. M is *very* picky, so finding 25 meals that he loves is no small task. I do have a list of 10, and will keep working on this. 
  14. Learn to bake bread. Failed. I did try & still would love to master this!
  15. Take a pilates class. Sadly, never did this, but I did swim laps (many laps), so I'm proud of myself for branching out a bit.
  16. Run a 5K. Major success. I've had this on my yearly resolutions for at least four years. I finally bit the bullet & promised myself I would actually do this in 2011. And much to my surprise, I ran a 5K, fell in love with running, & started training for a half marathon. I broke a bone in my foot in May, so I was unable to continue running for six months, but I'm back & running again!
  17. Make a 2010 family photo album. Kind of  - all the pictures are uploaded & ready. Now it's just a matter of ordering.
  18. Make a 2011 family photo album. Same as above - just need to do this.
  19. Take the boys to Disneyland. We opted not to do this in 2011. We did a ton of fun trips, both with the kids & with my parents/family.
  20. Read 12 books. Done! I read 22 books last year & stopped tracking mid-September.
  21. Relearn to ski. Kind of? I took lessons, but got snowed out for at least half of them, had kid drama another weekend, and I'm pretty sure I'm about where I started last year, in terms of skill. 
  22. Teach our older son to ski. Done! He's skiing blue/green, and he's 5.5. Definitely more advanced than I expected for his age.
  23. Introduce our younger son to skiing. Done! He's comfortable riding the magic carpet up & skiing down the kid runs by himself.
  24. Consciously consume. Well, I've done better in the last year than I ever have in the past, but it's definitely not even close to as good as it could be. Room for improvement in 2012!
  25. Have 50 no spend day. Hmm, I stopped tracking this early on in the year. I'll assume it was a fail.

As you can see, I was grossly optimistic last year & created way too many goals. Jack of all trades, master of none. :-) My list is much more feasible this year. How did you do with your 2011 goals?


  1. I think you still did pretty good truth be told! I don't even remember my goals from last year and Wordpress banned me so no way to go back & compare either... I do remember one was no buying clothes, well like 12 items.. BAHAHAHAHA!!! *blush*

  2. Holy goals Batman. I think you did well, most of the failed ones you just didn't keep track of. The only goal I messed up on in 2011 was a tracking goal. I also lost interest in it. (coupon savings)

    I love how you break down your exercise into minutes rather than 3x a week or so many miles. Is there a reason for that? Just wondering.

  3. I agree with Niki, lots of goals! I need to make a goal of "Tracking my goals"

  4. I know, I know. It was just silly with all of the goals. :-) I had high hopes for how much I could accomplish for the year.

    Niki - I've tracked my workouts several ways over the years. A few years ago, I just did "workouts" per year. I would mentally debate with myself what constituted a workout (I eventually spelled out that it had to be 30 minutes to "count" towards my goals). Then, if I only had 20 minutes, I wouldn't do it because it didn't "count", or I would stop at exactly 30 minutes. I was exercising for the sake of the goal, not to reap the cardio benefits. Given that I'm trying to lose weight & all of the minutes I work out add up, I find it easier to do this. Also, it's super interesting to track minutes/week/month/etc & see how it correlates to my weight. :-) I have an Excel spreadsheet that I use for tracking, which makes it much easier than it sounds.