Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's Eve with friends & family. We had dinner with the kids, then watched an extremely bad movie (Friends with Benefits, with Mila Kunis & Justin Timberlake) after the kids were asleep. M made the most amazing Persian dinner - I thought I was going to have to unbutton my pants! Yum. :-)

I thought I would recap my December goals, as a kick start to my year in review & plans for 2012!

These were my December goals:

  1. Lose 5 lbs - get weight back to 144 pounds. - I started out the month at 152 pounds, and ended at 150. While not my goal, I'm excited that I lost/maintained over the holidays!
  2. Complete 500 minutes of cardio  - I blew this one out of the water & completed 777 minutes of cardio. Yes!
  3. Complete 8 strength workouts - I did this! I did exactly 8 cardio workouts, and dragged myself to the gym yesterday to complete the final one. :-)
  4. Plan spring break trip - We may be buying a new car in the next week or so, which means our spring break plans are on hold for a bit.
  5. Plan mid-winter break trip - I think I have a solid plan for this, but need to review with the other players (my sister & husband). :-) This status is unchanged since the beginning of December, so fail.
  6. Bake Christmas cookies with the kids & take them to look at holiday lights. - We did both! 
  7. Track all spending - Just wrapping up the December spending report, so done!
  8. Monthly expenditures total less than $15,000, with the exception of using the bonus money to pay off the $35K 401K loan. - Major fail. December was a very expensive month. Full financial breakout to come.
  9. Keep grocery bill to $600 - Fail - we spent $763. I forgot that we would be bringing an expensive sandwich tray to Christmas Eve ($75), we were bringing expensive drinks to several parties, and I was in charge of bringing various dishes to school events. Looking back, this goal was unrealistic.
  10. Get together with two friends - Done - I got together with a friend from high school (for the first in several years!) & met another work friend for coffee.
How did you do on your December goals? Any big wins or failures along the way? Are you glad the month is done, and we're starting fresh in January? I know I am! :-)

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  1. You did pretty well.

    I am looking forward to a fresh start in the new year. It's a great time full of possibilities.