Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm working on it!

I'm five days into my January Goals, and here's how I'm doing so far. Color-coordinated by progress. :-)

  • My weight has held steady. Not that I expected any significant drop over 5 days. My jeans do feel a smidge loser than they did over the holidays, so there's that. ;-)
  • I've completed 200 minutes of cardio, towards my goal of 900 minutes for the month. I'm on track with that.
  • I've registered for both a 10K & a 1/2 marathon, as part of my goal for the year to complete a 1/2. I registered last night, as I had a $15 off registration code that was about to expire. It was a chunk of money I wasn't expecting to spend, but I'm happy I'm registered & moving toward my goal. I also found a training plan that I'll be using, so next up for the January portion of this goal is to calendar all of the training plan workouts.
  • I've spent $0 on clothes/shoes for myself or the kids, so on track for my goal.
  • I've completed 2 of 10 strength workouts for the month. On track.
  • Haven't had any artificial sugar. My coffee is boring, but I'm hopeful that my taste will adjust. :-)
  • Find an extra $650 for two tuition credits per child (college savings). I used some Christmas money to purchase the first two credits, so I'm halfway there.
  • I've been tracking all spending & sticking to the budget, with the exception of my 10K/1/2 marathon registrations. This was poor planning on my part for the budget. It's necessary for part of my larger goal (and to keep me healthy), but I need to find the money in the budget to make me feel like it wasn't a total splurge.
  • Pay an extra $500 on our vacation mortgage, and $500 on our primary mortgage. Well, I've paid an extra $35, and I'm expecting a little bit of additional money later in the month to apply towards this.
  • I don't have a date night with M on the books. Need to get this planned out, as our month is filling up quickly.
  • I haven't gotten together with two friends, or even reached out to make plans. Need to get this taken care of.
  • I have not even broached the guardianship conversation yet with M. It's not exactly a light, pre-coffee conversation in the morning. "So, who do you want to raise our children in the event of our untimely demise?. . . " I know, I just need to do it!
All in all, I'm feeling really good about my initial progress, and want to keep up my efforts! Hopefully I'll be reporting in that I've at least started to tackle the "red" items on my January list. More to come!

How are you doing with your January goals? Any quick wins? :-)

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  1. So far so good! :) I'm doing well so far, but need to get going on my sewing/quilting if I'm going to reach those goals!