Monday, January 9, 2012

Weekly Spending Report (1/2-1/8/12)

Here's what we spent this week. Overall, I feel like it was a fairly reasonable week. I made some tweaks to offset the cost of the race registrations (returned some clothes), we ate out using a gift card, I ended up cutting back on a gift from $75 to $50. In addition, I did not buy myself a ski pass when we took the kids skiing yesterday. Even though I really wanted to ski while my son was in lessons, it seemed silly to buy the pass when I knew I would only be able to ski by myself for a few hours. In the end, my son was ready to ride the lift after his lessons, and I sat out while everyone else skied. It sucked, & I'll definitely buy myself a ski pass next time. Oh well, lesson learned.

The areas where we spent more than anticipated:
-My race registrations. I knew this was coming, but didn't budget this for January.
-$320 for the kids for spring baseball. Also knew this was coming, but had no idea the registration happened in January. (This was our first time signing the kids up.)
-M's jeans
-I didn't know we needed a ski pass for N (our youngest) until a few days ago. His ski lessons required it, so it was a must do.
  • Monday (1/2):
    • $63.29 - Groceries at Costco
    • $70.95 - sheet set at Costco
    • $5 - tip on lunch out with M. (Had a gift card for the remaining amount)
  • Tuesday (1/3):
    • $50 - graduation gift for my cousin
  • Wednesday (1/4):
    • $38.10 - race registration for 10K in March
    • $108 - race registration for 1/2 marathon in May
    • -$70.95 (returned a different sheet set that was the wrong color)
  • Thursday (1/5):
    • $1.99 - Safeway for lentils. Hoping to make ham & split pea soup for my lunches.
    • $50.88 - Gas
    • $1.15 - smoothie at the gym. On gift card. :-)
  • Friday (1/6):
    • -$29.75 - returned a couple of tops to the Gap
    • -$26.27 - returned a jacked & top to Lands End
    • -$30.85 - returned a couple of other tops to Lands End
    • $320 - registered the boys for spring Little League. I didn't know the registrations were coming up in January, so this is an unbudgeted expense. However, they only had 5 spots left in their age group, so I bit the bullet & registered them. In order to keep the budget on track, I need to find that money from some other spot.
    • $1.15 - smoothie at the gym. On gift card.
  • Saturday (1/7):
    • $23.43 - Safeway for groceries. I had to pick up some snacks/drinks for our mini trip next weekend. We're staying overnight at a water park with my sister & her kids, and it's much cheaper to bring snacks from home.
    • $194.91 - jeans for M. He ripped out his old jeans, and applied $100 of Christmas money to this purchase. Still over our budget, but he buys jeans one time per year, and this is his preferred brand.
  • Sunday (1/8):
    • $12 - ski pass for my little guy.
Total spent for the week = $780.73. A huge improvement over most of our other weeks, like this one, for example! How did you do on your spending for the week?


  1. Sports sure add up fast, but are worth the $$! :) Is that amount for ONE pair of jeans? I used to spend $$$ on jeans, but then I had 4 kids... lol! ;) My spending was nice & low! Came in under budget!

  2. Carla, oh yes - one pair of jeans. :-) M is a "invest in high quality items, but infrequently" kind of guy. I'd rather have four pair from the Gap.