Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for January

I love the long-term horizon for yearly goals, but need monthly goals to keep myself on track & focused in the near term. Given my 2012 goals, here's what's up for January.

  1. Lose 4 lbs in January, bringing my weight to 146.
  2. Complete 900 minutes of cardio. Wow! That feels like a lot. :-)
  3. Find a training plan for my 1/2 marathon, and map out all workouts.
  4. Spend $0 on clothes/shoes/makeup for myself & $0 for clothing/shoes for the kids.
  5. Complete 10 strength workouts.
  6. No artificial sugar in coffee or tea. Evaluate diet to see if I'm consuming other artificial sweetener.
  7. Find an "extra" $650 in the budget for two tuition credits for each child.
  8. Track all spending, stick to budget, and complete a monthly spending report. I'd like to also do a minimum of two weekly spending reports in January to check to see if we're on track, highlight any "red" areas, and adjust our spending accordingly.
  9. Pay an extra $500 on our vacation mortgage, and $500 extra on our primary mortgage.
  10. Have a date night with M. Need to look at the calendar & get this planned out.
  11. Get together with two friends.
  12. Determine guardians for the kids, which is the part of our wills that have caused us the most consternation. It's a very difficult decision, there are no easy answers, but it's just irresponsible to avoid the decision.

And, that's all! :-) How about you? What do you have slated for January?

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