Friday, January 20, 2012

Twenty One Days & other odds and ends

There's a bunch of research out there showing that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Given that we're (almost) 21 days into the new year, how are you doing with your goals or resolutions?

I'm still struggling to lose weight (I've finally lost something - .4 of a pound, but I'll take what I can get), but I'm doing awesome with my cardio workouts. Strength training has been a bit more of a struggle - we were snowbound with the kids out of school for five days, so going to the gym wasn't happening.

I've gotten adjusted to the taste of not having artificial sugar in my coffee, and prefer it this way now that I'm three weeks again. Baby steps.

I did,  however, break my goal of spending $0 on clothes, shoes, or makeup. My eyebrow pencil broke (after only a few weeks), so I replaced it with a highly recommended one. I used a Sephora gift card to offset most of the cost. I have super light eyebrows, and don't wear much make up but find this an essential to making my tiny eyes pop a bit more. Otherwise, I've spent nothing on my wardrobe, and nothing for the boys.

In other news, we tried a new recipe yesterday & it was wonderful! Kind of a grown up take on macaroni & cheese, but healthier & with chicken. White cheddar chicken pasta - give it a try!

Homebound or, snomaggedon:
Speaking of the snow, we live just outside of Seattle & got a ton of snow (for us) the past few days. We've been homebound, because they didn't plow any of the roads near us. We had about 8 inches, and without a snow plow, the roads have been too difficult to traverse. It's finally raining today, but the good news is, when you're trapped at home, it's hard to spend much money. My spending report will surely reflect the good news. :-)

Weekend plans:
Since we've been trapped at home for a few days, I'm guessing we'll be out and about more than usual over the weekend. M & I finally have our date night tomorrow (yeah!), the boys both have soccer, and then we'll all be skiing on Sunday. The mountain has gotten a *ton* of snow, so the skiing should be good.

What are you up to the this weekend? Any fun plans?


  1. I saw on the news how much snow you got. Wow! I'm struggling with some of my resolutions such as quitting smoking. Uggh! If only it was easy.

  2. Lots of snow and skiing...a good thing :)! The no spending part was a plus, for sure...more money for skiing!

    I've already finished one of my 12 goals (NYC), and I'm well on my way to another one (vegetarian cooking class) in Feb. I'm struggling with the crossword puzzles...tried to do one the other day and I couldn't get one clue..blah!!

  3. Why don't they plough near you? That's crazy... well at least you saved some $$! ;) I never could do coffee without at least *some* sugar... lol!