Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Update

I had a productive couple of days, and accomplished most of what I'd hoped for on Friday. Not too shabby. :-)

  1. Eat under 1450 calories for the day  - Done.
  2. Complete a cardio & strength workout. I need to run today, because I'm officially kicking off my half marathon training plan next week. - Done.
  3. Order my son's birthday cake for his party in a few weeks. - I did this on Saturday, but done.
  4. Cancel my cleaning service. I've been dreading making this call, but our current cleaner hasn't been doing what I've asked, and I've given many opportunities for improvement. I'm not good at this kind of conversation, so I've been putting it off.  - I'm still putting this off. ;-)
  5. Rework our budget based on new numbers - higher mortgage based on refinance to 15 year loan, smaller paycheck due to higher investment amount being taken account, and increase in insurance because we added our new car! :-) We bought an Audi Q7, and it's lovely. - Mostly done. A few tweaks left.
  6. Clean out my laptop bag. This is one of my pet peeves - papers just tend to accumulate in there, and I can never find what I'm looking for! - Done.
  7. Laundry - the never ending task. - Done.
  8. *Edited to add* - I knew I was forgetting something. Get our tax paperwork prepped, and Turbo Tax installed, so I can start working on the taxes! - Well, I got to this today. I'm about 1/2 way through our taxes, and got Turbo Tax installed, so now I need to call around and get some additional details on forms we're missing, etc.
I'm working on my men for the week, cleaning the house, getting our taxes in order, and I went to the gym today. We were supposed to go skiing, but it's raining at the mountain. And really, who enjoys skiing in the rain? That will save close to $100, which is great, because I bought a bunch of birthday items yesterday. Love productive Sundays!

What are you up to today? Any fun plans?

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