Tuesday, January 3, 2012

December & 2011 Net Worth Update

I close out each month with a net worth update, and this will also serve as my end of the year net worth update.

Net worth on 12/1/11 - $739,641
Net worth on 1/1/12 - $807,149

An increase of $67,508 in our net worth. The big jump for this month was paying off M's 401K loan. This reduced our liabilities & immediately showed up in our assets (back in our 401K portfolio), so it was a double win.

Although I wasn't blogging at the time, here's a quick look back at last year's number

Net worth on 1/1/11 - $790,988.

We're up slightly from our net worth at this same time last year, but not by much. This is due to losing A LOT in our 401K portfolios, regular investments, as well as decreases in our property value. Our net worth was as high as $940,000 in 2011, but I'm happy that we ended the year up from last year at the same time. Baby steps, in this market. :-)