Saturday, January 12, 2013

A fantastic day!

I got so much done today, that I feel downright virtuous. :-)

I was up early & set out a schedule for the day. First up was taking the kiddos to karate practice. I got in a quick workout while they learned "blocks". They are total newbies, & hilarious at practice.

After karate, I splurged on hot chocolate (it was 20 degrees outside!) for the kiddos & used a gift card at Starbucks, then we picked up a few groceries at two different places (Fred Meyer & Trader Joes). We also hit up the used book store (I've learned my lesson from selling on Amazon!) & I made $13 on a few books. My first snowball of the year! This will go toward my trip for my sister's 40th birthday. Win! I also finally bought something for my son that I promised way back at Christmas time. One of his most requested gifts was a sock puppet craft kit. Of course, on Christmas Day, all four of the boys wanted to make a puppet, & he graciously shared. Well, semi-graciously? As graciously as you might expect a five year old to share. :-) I promised to buy him another sock puppet kit, as he wanted two of his own to play with.

Once we got home, I made lunches for everyone & started on my work. I made:

I also made Shrinky Dinks with the kids. :-)

I ran a race in the afternoon (25 degrees, but clear!) & had a great time. My goal was to finish in under an hour (on a very tight, hard-to-pass, windy & uphill 5 mile trail) & came in at 54:00 exactly! Yes!

There were definitely things that didn't go exactly my way today - we went over budget as a result of stocking up for a cooking day, M also made all of his grilled chicken for the month & we ran out of propane (and, propane is expensive!), my English muffin bread never rose (but tastes great!) & so on. But, I took Carla's fantastic advice today & made myself happy. And, it worked!

I had a glass of wine with dinner, & I'm enjoying my evening.

Bonus - I cleaned out my junk drawer! :-)

I'm off for a snuggle party with my boys! :-)

Hope you also had a fantastic & productive Saturday!


  1. Woah! That sounds like a week in my got a ton done!

    1. Thanks, it was a particularly good day. They are certainly not all like that! :-)

  2. yup. definitely makes me look very lazy :P

    1. If only I could bottle my energy from yesterday & use it every day. It was one of those days where everything was easier!

  3. Wow what a productive day! I really need to get batch cooking especially now that I have a six week menu plan. Thanks for the kick lol!

    PS. I lost 2.5lbs! I'm so happy it's going the right way. I keep forgetting to set my phone for my walks etc, and I'm not quite in the routine of recording all my calories, but I am getting there. Thank you for the continues inspiration :)

    1. The batch cooking is the only way we can do it - I work full-time, two young kiddos, & a husband who travles a lot. We used to do take out about 3x/week. Now we have it very, very rarely.

      Nice work on the weight loss!!! That's awesome news. :-)