Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday night chit chat

Thanks to Carla, for hosting!

I'm still fiddling with Blogger & the "HTML" picture setting. This is a picture from today on the mountain. It was gorgeous! Friends & S, on the far right. :-) We had to go home with N, who had the flu & got sick at the lodge. Poor baby. My wonderful friend & her daughters entertained S for the rest of the day at the mountain.

What are you...
  • Reading - Just finished a Tami Hoag novel from the library. Haven't started anything else.
  • Watching - Phineas & Ferb. With the kiddos. :-)
  • Listening to - Ditto above.
  • Baking/Cooking - I made Best Chocolate Chip cookies (substituting dried cranberries for the nuts) & pizzas for everyone. We had friends over (impromptu) after skiing. Chicken pesto pizza for the adults, cheese pizza for the kids, salad for everyone + chocolate chip cookies. Oh, & pomegranate martinis for the adults. Fun! :-) I cooked a ton yesterday.
  • Happy you accomplished this week - I completed my first race of the year, & did my first snowball - $13! :-) Baby steps. :-)
  • Looking forward to next week - Finally accomplishing a big work task, hopefully completing an 8 (or 10) mile long run, and . . . setting a date for the closing of our refinances. That would be sweet!
  • *BONUS QUESTION* What is your favourite board game?  - Pictionary! Or, Monopoly.


  1. I so wish we lived closer to mountains - people say they love a tropical climate, but when you dislike beaches and L-O-V-E mountains - the tropical things doesn't work.

    Chicken pesto pizza sounds devine - hmmm, making up my menu now - it just may get added.

  2. Your food talk is making me hungry!! lol! Yum!! Good job on the $13! Yes, it's a start!! :) Congrat's on the run! You're awesome!