Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January Goals & weight loss pictures

It's a fresh month, & I have new & fabulous goals. I can't wait to start tackling them! Here's what I have on the agenda for January.

  1. Lose 4 pounds. This should be very doable. Goal end weight for January is 143.
  2. Track food & exercise every day in My Fitness Pal.
  3. Complete 1100 minutes of cardio.
  4. Complete 10 strength workouts.
  5. Complete 10 stretching workouts.
  6. Run consistently, which means:
    1. Run 1 race. I'm currently signed up for a very close (& frugal - $15!) race on January 12th.
    2. Run 20 miles/week.
    3. Run 100 miles for the month.
  7. Buy one tuition credit for each child.
  8. Pay $5000 principal on mortgages. (This will be dependent upon the timing of our refinances.)
  9. Have one date night (or lunch) with M. I have a gift card to keep the costs low.
  10. Get together with two friends.
  11. Track spending, stick to budget, & create a monthly report.
  12. Increase charitable giving by 10%
  13. Clean my closet, dresser, & donate/purge 20 items from the house.
  14. Practice my baking skills by trying one bread & one English muffin recipe.
  15. Research wills online (i.e. what do we need to do to prepare? Is it covered under my legal insurance, etc).
I love a new month, with all of the potential. :-)

And, I thought I would show a little visual evidence of the progress you can make through hard work & effort.

I refused to let M take any pictures of me at my high of 180 pounds, but here's me at 165 pounds.
And, me at 140 pounds. Oh, & I stopped coloring my hair & embraced my natural, darker color. :-) That's me in the middle, in the dark blue dress.
And, me in the same dress as the blue one in the first picture, but in black. Oh, and 25ish pounds lighter. :-)
What are you hoping to accomplish in January? How are you breaking your 2013 goals down into month-by-month actions?


  1. You are definitely an active lady, and living the life. Gorgeous pictures. Love the darker hair.

    1. Thanks - the darker hair has taken some getting used to. It was white blonde as a child, & I started highlighting early on, so I'd never seen the natual color before. It's the exact color of my youngest son. :-)

  2. Just joined Weight Watchers online again...I'm stuck at my high again, would love to drop at least 25 lbs before 2013 is over! You look great! (Although, I think you look great in the first pic too!)

    1. Thank you!! I use My Fitness Pal to track my calories, although I've used Weight Watchers as well. Wishing you all kinds of luck in your journey this year!

  3. well done on the weight loss, you look great!! I am trying to get comfortable with the thought of 'embracing my darker hair colour'. your's looks good! how did you manage while it was growing out?

    1. Ha, it was really not that cute while I was growing it out. The ombre style sort of in, but it looked semi-tragic. I'll see if I can find a picture of the full grow out. :-)

  4. You look great in all the pictures, but good luck with your weight and fitness goals this month!

    1. ..and everything else :)

    2. Thank you! Still have a ways to go, but feeling much happier & healthier!