Saturday, January 26, 2013

Is that you, Murphy?

Because, between the super awesome unexpected payback in December, coming up with money for both of the refinances (planned, & great for our long term future, but expensive just the same), & the tax "surprise", I feel like we've had quite enough of the bad lucky fairy.

But, nonetheless, we got a call last night that we have a big leak at our vacation house. When we bought it, we put a condition in on fixing a flashing issue on the roof, & also resealing the door to the deck. Either the work wasn't done correctly, or the Oregon pounding rain just accelerated the decay of the door, but the entire door, all of the woodwork & some of the roof needs to be fixed. Additionally, it needs to be done NOW, as any further delay will damage the wood floor inside the house.

M was gone ALL week, & is now home sick with a terrible flu. Again. He was only supposed to be gone for one day next week, but it now looks like he'll spend most of the week working from Oregon, to try & correct the problem. Which leaves me with all of the kid stuff - I offered to watch another child on Tuesday to help out a mom, ski bus on Wednesday for S + another kiddo (again, trading with another mom) & all of the pickups, drop offs, & work. Yikes.

Because no one likes a whiny post, here are a few nuggets of good news:
  • I baked two more amazing loaves of bread. HEAVEN! I'm not a bread maker at all, so highly recommend this recipe for novices.
  • I ran 7 miles today. I'm exhausted, but happy with myself.
  • I got a hair cut! Just in time for the video on Monday. ;-)
  • Our second refinance went through on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all that time investment, I'm thrilled.

Now on to make soup for the sick husband, relax a bit with the kiddos (ha, ha) & prep for tomorrow.

Hope Murphy is avoiding your house!

And, S pushed a fence open, it popped back up & hit him in the face. Poor guy, first black eye!


  1. Well, holy bat crapman, wishing you some good luck soon! The liability of owning the second house is the primary reason we are selling our old home sooner than thought, that and carrying costs/repairs and maintenance are much higher than we thought.

    1. Thank you - we clearly need all the good luck e can get! Our second house is actually really new (a few years old when we bought it), but homes along the coast require a lot of regular maintenance. Yikes!

  2. Oh my, poor kid. Hope you can get the door situation fixed at affordable rates... health and calm to your household! Tell Murphy to get lost.

    1. S is totally tough. If it were my youngest, the world would have ended.

      I'm with you, fingers crossed on the door! Labor is usually very cheap (small town), but it can be hard to get parts. Depending on the size of the door, M might be there for a while waiting for a delivery. (Think days - it's in a relatively remote town.)

  3. Oh no!! :( Hope you're able to get the leak folixed quickly & affordably! Your poor little gut! :( That looks so sore & tender! You can tell him he looks like an NHL player now though! ;)

  4. Aww - that looks sore! Hope he and your husband are all well again soon.

    Tell that Murphy to go away!

  5. Ouch, poor thing! This doesn't look good. I'm so sorry this month is so long for you. I do hope it will get better from now on!