Saturday, January 19, 2013

Change can be exciting - and terrifying

Right now, I'm leaning more towards the "terrifying" side of it.

I was asked yesterday to become the consumer face of our blog at work, & start writing weekly & filming video clips. It's a major consumer product, & to say that I'm nervous would be a huge understatement. I'm not a fan of being on camera (I swear, the camera makes my face look like a pumpkin), I turn all red & blotchy, I get nervous & use words like, "dude" a lot. . . I can just hear it now, "Well, um, dude, you should like totally um, check out our product."

It also doubles my workload, which should be . . . interesting. I'm already feeling swamped, so I'll have to vet all of that out with my manager.

On the other hand, my long term goals involve shifting to freelancing (writing, editing, project management consulting, etc) & I've spent the last 15 years in a content discipline. So, it's a great fit & will help build my resume in an amazing way that I could never do on my own. Oh, & I'll have access to a copy editor, so that will certainly be helpful. ;-) This could be huge in terms of developing my portfolio & opening up my career in a very new & flexible way, which is amazing.

But, I'm totally terrified. And, both my mom & sister told me I need a hair cut, & potentially a full makeover. Thanks?

When I get nervous, I bake. So, check off one of my 2013 goals, because I baked two amazing loaves of bread yesterday!!! And, homemade vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting for our dinner party tonight.

Other than that, it's been a pretty mellow day. Karate for the kids, a quick workout for me, hair cuts for the boy who was too sick to get one last weekend, a stop at Target to return a sweater my mom purchased (which was lovely, but had a hole), picked up goodie bag items for S's birthday party, made lunch for the crew, got a pedicure, & now I'm relaxing while M has the kids out at Home Depot. We're heading to dinner at a friends, so no dinner preparation necessary. I'm also trying my hand (again) at an English muffin bread recipe, since my last once didn't rise & tastes great, but is way too dense.

What's the last thing you've done that's terrified you? How do you feel about being on camera?!


  1. Leaving my f/t job terrified me a little, but not enough to stop me.

    I used to present a lot in my old job and that was absolutely fine, but I would hate to have been filmed doing it.......this sounds like a good step for you to take towards your future plans though. I hope you work something out :)

    1. I think it is absolutely a great step, but way outside of my comfort zone! Not really the blogging, as I've always enjoyed writing, & was a technical writer for 10 years, but the video stuff?! Totally unnatural for me. :-)

  2. I think you'd do fantastic at the camera. Just know what you're going to be saying and have some bullet points. Just pretend you're making a recording for us! And you know we all love you, so it should be easy, right? I'm very excited for you. When I first went to college, I was the library mouse. Really. But after taking 2 business classes, most of my teachers said I was always "on a mission" during recordings and debates. I didn't like it. It scared the living daylights out of me and messed up my eating behavior which has always been delicate, but I got it done and did good on it. Some advice? Look at the camera. It isn't as intimidating as it seems. Another one is to talk slowly and constant. It will use more of your time, and people can relate better.

    1. Thank you for that! They actually asked me to film the first clip tomorrow morning (and, asked on a 4:00 pm conference call on Friday), but I laughed & said no way - I need time to prepare & create a script! I left out the part that I need to get a hair appointment as well. ;-)

      Thanks so much for the advice - I know I will need it!

  3. Right now, trying to find a new job is terrifying me. As for the camera....not a fan. My eyes look squinty, and my face is fat.

    I am sure you will do awesome!!

    1. I completely agree on finding a new job. I looked both internally & externally when i looked in October, & it's so outside of my comfort zone. At my company, to switch roles, you have to do a formal 7 person interview loop, & I did two before I settled on this job. If you'd ask the husband, he'd describe me as a nervous wreck before each & every stage of the process.

      And, ditto the camera - my face looks awful, my naturally small eyes get super squinty, & I get red & blotchy. It's a very good look all around!

      Thank you! :-)

  4. Pretty exciting opportunity. Nice excuse for a trip to the Salon :) I would classify it as a work expense then ;)

  5. This sounds like an awesome adventure! AND, I'm sure you DON'T need a makeover! :)!

    I have to do the online marketing for my firm this year, and I'm a bit intimidated, although I don't have to go in front of a camera. I am hoping to add videos to my blog..but that's a big maybe right now!

    Hopefully you'll be able to drop some of your responsibilities so you'll be able to fit this in. Overworked is not a fun place to be.

    Keep us posted!