Sunday, January 13, 2013

Out of everything

Well, in December, we came in right at our grocery budget for the first time ever, & I think January is definitely reflecting that. We've spent a small fortune at Costco & the grocery store, after having a relatively frugal first week. I did do a major freezer stock up yesterday, but we were out of:

  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Brown sugar
  • Butter
  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Ground beef
  • Chicken breasts
  • Olive oil
Plus all our normal grocery expenditures. Holy smokes! We're now at $326 of our $500 grocery budget for January. How's this going to work? :-)

ETA: Thanks so much for the help with the pictures!!!

Trying something new to get photos to work in Blogger. . . Here's the before picture of our junk drawer. We're pretty tidy, so it wasn't too out of control.

And, here's the after shot!

I got rid of some cords, found something for my donation pile, & cleaned up extra paperwork. Feels good to be able to mark something off of my January challenge.

But, if you want to see something MESSSY, check out my Ebay pile, currently hanging out in my closet. I'm definitely not always tidy & still haven't found time to tackle listing all of this.

How  about you? How was your weekend?


  1. If you click on html instead of compose you can upload your picture. When you click back over to compose you will see the picture.

    1. That worked! I can't quite get the layout exactly right, but . . . pictures again! Thanks for the help. :-)

  2. We are already nearing the end of our monthly budget but I did some major stocking up earlier in the month on boneless skinless chicken breast which is a major staple in our home. Today I did a big vegetable shop at the local farm market. Hoping for some creativity in the kitchen to try and stay on budget. Really enjoying your blog by the way :)

    1. We're big on boneless skinless chicken breasts as well - my husband barbecues about 15 pounds at a time, & then we freeze in dinner sized-portions for quick meals.

      Thanks so much. :-) Appreciate it!

  3. Never fails does it?? We have months where we have SO MUCH in the house, but then BAM!! Like you, you NEED to stock up on just about everything again! lol!! A downfall to having those pesky kids around huh? ;) lol!! Your junk drawer looks great! Looks like you got rid of a good amount of stuff still! Well done!