Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Goals for Week 2

As we head into the second week of January, I want to stay focused on my monthly goals, as well as the weekly challenges I'm working on. I posted my first week's progress here.

I find that breaking my monthly (and, certainly yearly) goals down into smaller action items help me visualize & make progress. I don't do well with big giant goals, unless they are broken down into smaller steps.

With that said, here's what I'm focusing on this week!

  1. Run 20 miles
  2. Complete 3 stretch workouts (I'm a bit behind - we skied two days last week, & I was sore!)
  3. Complete 3 strength workouts (ditto the above)
  4. Run a 5 mile trail race, commencing my first of ten races for 2013!
  5. Stick to our $360 variable weekly budget goal (as part of my January challenge). This will be tricky given that we have a $234 car licensing bill due this week. I'm working on a plan for this.
  6. Inventory our freezer, pantry, & fridge. Make a revised menu based on this to minimize grocery spending.
  7. Bake bread.
  8. Restock the freezer
  9. Organize & label all of S's ski stuff. He's starting on a ski bus lesson activity through his school, & I've received SIX emails with instructions on what he needs, how to label, etc. I'm a little overwhelmed with all of the details, & need to review everything & get him prepared for Wednesday.
  10. List 10 items on Ebay.
  11. Clean/declutter my closet.
  12. Try English muffin recipe.
  13. Plan S's birthday party, including budget, location & food.
  14. Clean my junk drawer! (This is a new addition based on Carla's challenge for week 2!).

Learnings from week one, all up. I learned that skiing twice in one week & running 20 miles is. . . difficult & unpleasant. Need to space out my running more, & remind myself that when I take an unplanned rest day, it means I have to double up on runs later in the week. Hopefully this is a lesson that I'll only need once, but I'm a glutton, so who knows. ;-)

Additionally, it is becoming a bit easier to just "say no" to many kinds of spending. I am starting to find it more natural, & interestingly, I'm actually wanting less overall. Win/win!

What are you working on this week? Any big lessons or wins from last week?

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