Friday, January 11, 2013

Almost the weekend!

And, I'm definitely ready for it. :-) I've struggled a bit getting my head back in the game after the holidays. Especially with my eating & calorie intake. I use MyFitnessPal to track my calories, & following my goal to track every day, I've been doing that. However, huge caveat, I haven't been sticking to my allotted calories each day. I've been going over almost every day. Time to fix that. I really do want to drop these last 10-15 pounds. I have clothes that are still snug, I don't feel or look my best, & I want to be in better shape. All good reasons to make this a priority. Starting today, I'm also going to track the number of days I am at or under my calorie allotment in MFP.

I also have my first race scheduled for Saturday! (My goal is to complete 10 races this year). Tomorrow's race is a very small, local, trail five miler. It's supposed to be very cold, but clear. Fingers crossed that the forecast sticks!

I did NOT accomplish everything on my to do list yesterday, but . . . I did manage to complete a giant work task that's been lingering for weeks. I worked on it until late in the evening, & I'm so happy that it's done. One project down, 50 more to go. ;-) Or, something like that!

M went to Costco yesterday, as we were out of beef, & down to our last few packages of chicken. We buy the jumbo packs at Costco, marinate & grill them in one big batch, & then divide into meal-sized portions. This helps get dinner on the table quickly during busy nights. Our freezer is looking pretty sparse.

Here's what we currently have to work with:

  • 2 pieces of Copper River salmon. A good dinner for M, if I'm going out or have other plans.
  • 1 small Trader Joe's pizza. Emergency dinner stash. :-)
  • 1 smallish container of butternut squash soup. Probably enough for a dinner for me + M if I serve it with a large side.
  • 3 lunch sized portions of chili.
  • 1 dinner's worth of Three Cheese Chicken Florentine
  • A couple of pizza crusts, that I will use on Sunday for our post-skiing dinner.
  • Ground beef (thanks to yesterday's Costco run).
  • 1/2 a package of tortellini.
  • 3 small packages of grilled chicken, ready to be used in dinners.
  • 1 dinner's worth of chicken enchiladas.
  • 1 dinner's worth of taco meat.
  • 1 dinner's worth of spaghetti sauce (as long as I add meatballs for bulk)

And, there you have it. We did a great job eating through our freezer stash in November & December. I'm planning on moving all of the above to the front, & stocking with a few additional recipes this weekend. I'd like to make at least three freezer meals for the week ahead.

I also need to bake bread tomorrow, and would like to try both a sandwich bread & an English muffin bread recipe. We'll see how much time I end up with between karate lessons (the kids) & my run.

We're skiing on Sunday, which takes up the majority of the day, so I need to be as productive as possible on Saturday.

What are you up to this weekend? Any great activities on the agenda?


  1. I LOVE MFP! I started using it on Monday instead of signing up for WW again and now I can't seem to use all my I got my boss started on it also..Although it did encourage me to get on the elliptical I over did it the first 3 days and am paying for it now.I need to find balance and I will work on it his weekend.I also need to get some freezer cooking done this weekend and I think I will cook a whole chicken to shred, try your Chicken Pastina,a mexican casserole and....hmmm
    Enjoy your ski day! We were expected 1-2 feet but barely got 3".

  2. I always try to have an emergency dinner or two in the freezer. Pizzas are on sale and I'm trying to find a spot in the freezer. It is a terrible problem to have.;p