Thursday, May 18, 2017

A house for sale

As regular readers may remember, we listed our Seattle rental house (previously our residence) last week. We actually already received an offer (2 days in), but the buyer rescinded, as they had another offer out that was accepted. So, that was a little crazy.

I wasn't actually expecting to be stressed out by this house sale (yes, I'm obviously a person who isn't very self aware), but I'm finding the process to be very stressful. My assumption was that, while we are not looking to carry the mortgage for any length of time, we are also not desperate to sell. Things are good, and this money will help free us up & provide more financial flexibility. Now that I have that end goal in mind, I am, of course, all about getting the offer & rejiggering our financial life goals around whatever magic number we settle on. This is my first time selling a house, so I'm sure all of you experienced sellers are laughing at my foolishness. :-) Ahhhh, life lessons.

In other news, the end of the school year is drawing near! There are lots of 5th grade activities for Sam (who will be starting middle school in August). I'm absolutely not prepared for that milestone! So, we're swamped with end of the year school stuff, combined with regular life.

And, I'm busy planning & coordinating lots of fun summer travel, and trying to overlay that with some potential work trips. Of course, there's still too much work, and I'm desperately in search of a lead role for my team, so I can stop managing so many people in APAC. Fingers crossed, because the evening meetings & traveling gets old really fast.

It's almost Friday, and I am incredibly ready for the weekend! I didn't get enough rest last weekend (actually, scratch that, I did, but not enough to recover from the previous few weeks), so I'm still dragging.

If you have sold a home before, please share any tips or experience, or your tales of selling your home. 


  1. No help on managing stress on selling the house. Our one and only house sale was 26 years ago, and at first we had it listed while I was pregnant in third trimester, but the timing was so bad for us personally, and the offers were pathetic, that we just stopped until after DD1 was born, we got through the holidays, and started fresh after the new year.

  2. Be prepared for things to go haywire about 24 hours before close. Somehow it does seem to all work out, but there are those moments when you're sure the deal is going to come crashing apart.

    We just listed our home this past week, and I'm preparing myself for the chaos I know is about to descend once our listing hits the MLS in a few days.

  3. We'll be listing our own later this year, so I don't have any good advice myself, I'll be learning from you. I really hope that your realtor is awesome and you get a great offer.

  4. The buyer rescinded, as they had another offer out that was accepted. So, that was a little crazy.sell