Sunday, May 28, 2017

Let the long weekend commence, a menu plan & pool picture

I've been feeling really stumped for a good menu plan lately. Uninspired, in fact. I don't mind making the same thing regularly, but need a few good basics to add to our rotation. Here's what I'm thinking about for the week ahead:

  • Friday - oven baked chicken risotto
  • Saturday - homemade calzones 
  • Sunday - having guests over for dinner. We'll have grilled tomatoes, rice with tadiq, beef kebabs, & yogurt sauce. And wine + salad. Our guests will be bringing dessert.
  • Monday - grilling either steak or fish, depending on what Costco has available. I'll also make goat cheese crostini. A long weekend favorite. 
  • Tuesday - leftover risotto
  • Wednesday - leftover calzones
  • Thursday - leftover kebabs (notice a theme about our week day menu? ;-))

As for the long weekend, it's been fabulous so far. Yesterday I went for a two hour hike in the sunshine with a friend. The weather was warm, but not too hot. Perfect (and rare!) I also got my hair cut, which is something I try to limit to 2x/year, as it's not super cheap. I also did a bunch of chores around the house & in the yard. I feel like the patio sweeping & garden cleanup will never end. Our backyard is made of a bumpy/rock concrete, so it's difficult to keep clean. Combine that with the pool, the fact that it had been a long time since it was kept properly cleaned due to the lack of mobility of the previous owner, & the close proximity to the pool, and you have an ongoing chore. The stones are similar to this:

And, here's a picture of my favorite part of the house, where we spend many afternoons. We've actually done a lot since this picture was taken - we've added red umbrellas, red flowers, & purchased cobalt blue planters to add color to the patio. I'll see if I can get a few updated photos to share.

The boys also sweet talked Michael into taking them to a movie yesterday, but I stayed back & did more yard work & then read in blissful silence before bed. Small wins. :-) 

We're having Michael's cousin & family over this evening for dinner, so it's been a good motivator to get the house in as good of shape as possible. It also means that we have quite a bit to accomplish today. Here's what's on the list:

  • Yoga
  • Clean kitchen
  • Wash all sheets/make all beds
  • Laundry
  • Sweep patio 
  • Finish weeding the front yard 
  • Make sure all bedrooms are clean (boys, I'm looking at you)
  • Clean garage freezer
  • Book a rental car for our summer vacation
  • Drop off books at the library
  • Prep the food for the party

I think that will do it! What about you? Are you doing any of the typical Memorial Day weekend activities (barbecues, hosting guests, going to the movies)? 


  1. What a beautiful backyard oasis. I hope you have a wonderful weekend

  2. That is one pretty pool. I miss having a pool. We had a gorgeous one in TX, but not much cause for one here in the PNW. And, in our FL place, the beach is right there. We aren't there enough to warrant putting in a pool. Besides, the clubhouse pool is right across the street, and we seem to be the only ones who use it.
    Plans involve Sunday lunch, and more gardening. I am late, late, LATE on my veggie garden. It rained so much here, I had no motivation. Probably helping eldest ds with homework tomorrow, and coming to terms with the fact that this kid isn't going to go to least, not on my schedule. *sigh*

  3. Your home is really beautiful, lots of upkeep but if your home is where your heart is that is OK!

  4. I always thought if I ever live in a warm weather state, a pool is top of list. I think it is lovely and wish your family years of joyful experiences with friends and family.