Friday, May 19, 2017

Frugal Friday

Happy Friday! I'm very happy that the weekend is almost here. :-)

It's been a pretty typical week at our house, but here's our list of frugal wins.

  • M replaced the brakes on my car
  • And, changed the oil on my other car
  • I declined a fundraising party I was invited to, and sent a donation instead. I don't need to buy anything new, and would rather my money go straight to the source.
  • I bought a PT ball (I'm seeing a physical therapist about my limited shoulder mobility on one side), and used my health care savings account.
  • I've been wanting to try a new local restaurant, and to expand the horizons of my youngest eater. A cute local eatery had a Groupon, so I bought that before Mother's Day. I'll use the Groupon to take the kids out on a weekday, and see how they do with Italian food. I know my eldest will love it. I'm trying to get the 10 year old to try new things. 
  • For Mother's Day, we stayed in & M made dinner. The kids bought me flowers (an inexpensive bouquet), & we spent the afternoon playing by the pool. No expensive dinners out. It was absolutely perfect. 
  • I picked up a free book that someone left at the office donation pile. Once I'm done with it, I'll pass it along to our library book sale.
  • I had a dentist appointment, and have no cavities. This is great health news, but also good fiscal news, as it means no out of pocket spending for any dental treatment. 
  • We line dryed the majority of our clothes and made all of our meals at home.

What about you? Any big frugal wins? 


  1. I too did not go out to supper on Mother's Day, we tend not do for family celebrations. I BBQed supper with my Mom, if hubby was home he would have cooked but he was in Alberta visiting his Mom for Mother's Day. If more people took better care of their teeth/health in general there would be lower healthcare costs. The only thing I am finding now is that they suggest having old cavities from when I was a kid replaced...I am waiting until I have an issue.

  2. We were going to be working at the cabin so we had a lunch at a pizza/buffet place. We used to always have a potluck and BBQ when my mom was lived for supper. I miss that low key way to spend the day with family. We've been doing brunch for my MIL all these years as well- so lots of food in my past, but not this year,and we worked for our lunch!