Friday, May 26, 2017

Frugal Friday

I am so VERY ready for the long weekend, as I'm sure many of you are. :-) It's been one of those months. . .

Here are our frugal things for the week:

  • Threw together a quick dinner after a late soccer game on Sunday. I was really tempted to eat out, but we'd already gone out on Friday.
  • Turned the Friday dinner leftovers into another lunch (x3 people), & another dinner (x3 people).
  • Could not find shorts of any kind that I like. I'm looking for something practical, comfortable & age appropriate for hot days. I ended up cutting off a pair of jeans that are too big. Full length jeans that are too big are not cute, but for shorts, they look nice & relaxed. Saved myself at least $20, and repurposed something that would have been heading to the donation pile. 
  • Price matched several flights & got a $156 credit for future spend. I'll use that money to offset the price of my flight for my summer relay in Portland. 
  • Consolidated our laundry to save water (i.e. ran one big load vs multiple smaller loads).
  • I've been using my "reusable" ziplock bags. They are not perfect, but we are finding a few ways to use them for lunches, which cuts down on some of our waste.
  • Made (most) meals at home.
  • Although not directly for me, my parents flight to Hawaii was changed (from a mid day to a red eye!) & I called to handle the adjustments for them. They had to cut a day off of their vacation, so they were less than thrilled. I inquired about credit for the significant flight change, & was able to get them $500 for future travel. 

In non-frugal updates:
  • Sam & Nick both had excellent player evaluations from their soccer coaches. I care a little about the soccer, but a great deal about the attitude & sportsmanship. Sam has struggled with both in the past few seasons, but got a fabulous evaluation this time. It's an area he as actively worked to improve this season, so I was thrilled with the results. He asked to go to dinner to celebrate, & we went out to a Greek restaurant last night. (Nick also had a great evaluation, but his is consistently good). In semi frugal news, I brought my own wine (no corkage fee at this restaurant), which kept the cost down tremendously. 
That's it for me! Was it a frugal week for you? Add in any frugal wins or fails.


  1. I'm just trying to put money where it matters, and keep it in my bank account and spend as little as possible when it doesn't. I just delicately washed a bunch of clothes-trying to maximize their wear and tear. After an expensive Mother's Day weekend, we did not eat out at all last week (though I had drinks and apps with friends and DH met a friend for lunch one day). No ordering pizza or Chinese food as we were tempted, but will save Chinese food for an end of year school treat for daughter.

  2. I am impressed with your price matching on airline tickets. We're sort of stuck with using Hawaiian right now, and they let you adjust your price just once per year, or something like that. On other airlines I've done well with finding the lowest price, so have never had to try for a better deal, but I've missed a time or two with Hawaiian. Anyway, I am going to have to remember this tip for the future.