Saturday, May 13, 2017

The 10K Saturday

And, not $10K, but a 10K run. So much more fun. ;-) I got up this morning & did a really hilly 10K. The hills were nasty. The last two miles were straight uphill. Who designs a 10K with the final miles all uphill? I'll tell you who - a sadist. I'm beat!

M took the kids to soccer, and Costco, & now I'm resting up at home. I have a party this evening (I won it in the school auction). It's a pedicure party, where drinks & food will be served. Getting a pedicure will be a nice reward after the run, & I'm looking forward to meeting a few of the other moms from school. I don't get to spend a lot of time at school due to my work schedule, so it will be nice to have some familiar faces.

Nick has a soccer game in the late afternoon, and then Sam is having a sleepover this evening. It's just your basic weekend here. :-)

Our realtor is holding an open house for our Seattle property, so fingers crossed on that front.

We have two soccer games at the same field, close to the same time tomorrow. That's about the best Mother's Day gift of all. I do love watching the boys play, so I will probably manage that, so M can fix the brakes on my car. The oil light is on in the other car, so that's yet another project that will need to be tackled.

It was an extremely intense work week, and I am all out of energy today. Normally, weekends are used for getting things done, but I feel the need to just rest up & recover this weekend. The 10K was probably a bit ambitious. ;-) I did manage to accomplish a few things over the past few days.

  • I've worked out 5x this week so far, & will work out again tomorrow. Probably yoga, so I can recover from my run.
  • I called Southwest & changed our flights for our adult trip in July I'm taking M to Las Vegas as an early 50th birthday celebration. We will also go to Hawaii for a longer trip in October
  • I provided feedback about a summer camps refund policy (aka no refunds, even if they are able to fill your spot, or end up cancelling the camp). This is not the norm around here AT ALL, and is not clearly described when registering. I received my money back, due to my email. This saved $650.
  • Sold a table that was in one of the sheds when we moved into the house. It was a very inexpensive Ikea table, but still, $5 & we got rid of something we didn't need.
  • Faxed over a health form for Sam's summer camp, & nagged the doctor about completing it. It's now ready for pick up & I can drop it off on Wednesday.
  • Interviewed & hired someone to help with after school care for the last few weeks of school. Our nanny is now studying for finals. A neighbor is home from Columbia for the summer, so will be available to help out. I'm paying more than I'd typically want to ($22/hour), but she had very good energy, got along well with the boys, and it's only for a few weeks. 
And with that, I'm off to go read my book. I ran out of library books, and serendipitously, one of my coworkers left a freebie at the office. Do you ever just use the weekends to crash & recover from crazy weeks?


  1. Good job on the 10k! Also on the summer camp refund, what a ridiculous policy, hopefully they change it based on them responding by refunding your money. I am amazed at all you accomplish in your life, sometimes just reading about it tires me out!

    1. I hope so - the policy was crazy! I was so surprised when I asked for a refund. There are the occasional places that charge a fee of $25 as you get closer (totally reasonable), but this was beyond the pale!