Saturday, May 6, 2017

Oh Saturday, what should we do?

It's one of those Saturdays where having an extra pair of hands would be amazing, but M is out of town. Instead, I'll rely on my "village" of friends. I'll give Sam's bud a ride to & from a game this morning (&, it's a 35 minute drive. Our league is usually super close teams, so not excited about that). Then, I'll feed everyone lunch, head back, drop Nick off for a ride to his game. Then drop Sam off for a Boy Scouts requirements event, head to pick up Nick (again, 30 minutes away), and pick Sam up on my way home. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Sam is pretty sleepy, after being away at overnight science camp for a three days with his school. He had an amazing time, & did great with listening & being a leader. There were some worries there, so it's such a good feeling to hear about him maturing.

In the brief window of time between activities, here's what's on the agenda for today:

  1. Some sort of exercise. My legs are pretty sore from my workout yesterday, which is always a good sign. 
  2. Go through the boys clothes, clean out the size 8 shorts that are getting to be a little "short" on my 11 year old. Still fit in the waist, but length is becoming a problem. Make a list of anything we need.
  3. Pick up bonus kid, take everyone to soccer
  4. Laundry
  5. Dishes
  6. Clean the fridge
  7. Find a date for a "birthday" sleepover for Nick. Seriously, his birthday was in March.
  8. Make a list of things to sell via eBay or my local Facebook swap
  9. Pool maintenance
  10. Water the plants
  11. Take Nick to his ride for his soccer game
  12. Take Sam to his ride to Boy Scouts
  13. Pick up Nick from soccer
  14. Pick up Sam from Boy Scouts
  15. Collapse on a patio chair & drink wine
And, that's it! What about you? What kind of Saturday are you hoping to have? Is it an errand filled day, or hopefully more relaxing?


  1. Wow. That's a huge schedule! Good for you! I try not to put any errands in place on Saturday. As I am a SAHM, that's easier for me than some. Thankfully(or is it) my kids don't care to participate in sports per se. Well, one son participates in a rather obscure school sport during fall, and is quite good but the events are very laid back. Meets are once/week for 6 weeks. Even so, I don't think, outside of school, I would allow sports unless it was a true passion, due to the time and $. I wouldn't let travel hockey, say, for one kid, dictate the household's schedule. I don't allow sleepovers here either. I guess I am not much for all the comings and goings of most modern families. Band and choir, I encourage, and they all participate in it, happen during school. I would allow extra music lessons, or dance, but that would be a set 1 to 2 classes/week. It's been offered, and those who want it have asked to wait for summer. With band and choir, concert season can get crazy. We all love those events though. One left for each kid this year! Anyway, kids know Saturdays belong as much to us, the parents as they do to the kids. That said, the sun is actually shining here in the PNW, so after this pot of coffee is done, I am rallying the troops to help out on the property.

  2. Well as I am dealing with a grumpy kid due to shots yesterday and coming off a super stressful week today has been deemed clean house day. So I am tackling that...

  3. Your schedule makes me tired to read it, but I understand it completely. Before we left Portland, our girls were all involved in separate activities, and I felt for a few years that all I did was drive around Portland, either delivering or picking up someone for something. A few times we had to say no to activities because we just couldn't fit into the schedule. We kept a white board calendar with everyone's activities written in different colored ink just to keep things straight - it was crazy.

    It's much nicer with just one at home now, even though it seems she has something going on EVERY DAY. It's also nice to have a husband at home who has no problem doing the driving and picking up when necessary.

    Even with your crazy schedule, I hope you have a terrific weekend!