Friday, May 12, 2017

Frugal Friday

All of my global team was in town this week, so we had full days of meetings, plus evening activities every day. I'm exhausted, to say the least, and looking forward to the weekend!

Here are our frugal wins for the week!

  • Even though it was a crazy weekend, we did not eat out. It was super tempting on Saturday night, after a full day of kids activities, but I stuck to the plan. I brought plenty of snacks & water to the games, and we ate between activities at the house.
  • Ate a few lingering single serving freezer leftovers (from meals my parents prepped for us a month or so ago)
  • Created meals out of leftovers for the kids, including using leftover taco meat to make "Taco quesadillas" (cheese quesadillas, but with warmed spicy taco meat inside). It's a kid favorite that we make rarely, as we typically don't have leftover taco meat. This week, because Sam was at overnight camp, we had extra.
  • Stuck to my shopping plan at Costco & the produce stand. Made a last minute swap of romaine hearts for organic mixed greens, as the organic mixed greens ended up to be on super sale. 
  • Used leftover fruit in smoothies. I typically use freshly squeezed oranges, but now that we don't have an orange tree in our yard, I had to get creative. M bought lunch for our painters one day (pizza & lemonade - their request), so we have a large tub of leftover organic lemonade. Not the healthiest smoothie base due to the sugar, but I used it sparingly to be able to blend the smoothie in our Vitamix
  • School is out on Monday. I'd registered the kids for a camp, as I have to work. The camp costs $95 for two kids, for the day. Unfortunately, the camp didn't have enough kids, so they cancelled. A few friends are pooling resources, and hiring a few older siblings (college students) to watch the boys at a park. Price = $70 for two kids, and includes lunch. I think the boys will love it.
  • Our neighborhood art school gives one free trial lesson, so we signed Nick up for Sunday. We actually bought him lessons through our school auction (his birthday gift), so this will allow him to try a class & know which type of session he might like best for his paid lessons.
What about you? Any big frugal moments in your week?

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