Sunday, May 21, 2017

As soccer draws to a close + a meal plan

Spring soccer is almost over, and then we're off the hook until August! I'm looking forward to the break. :-) Today is Sam's last game, and Nick has a game today (if he's feeling up to it), and then a game the first weekend of June. The end is near.

Yesterday was a really relaxing day, so today I need to get more done around the house. Here's what's on my list:

  1. Yoga
  2. A walk or light cardio of some sort
  3. Laundry
  4. Dishes
  5. Menu plan
  6. The produce stand
  7. Schedule for the week (work calendar, workout calendar, schedule for the nanny, etc)
  8. Clean our hall closet
  9. Determine which pictures we want to hang, vs store
  10. Have the boys call my parents
  11. Clean the fridge
  12. Do some sweeping by the pool. Our neighbors have a fir tree, and the needles get into the pool like crazy. 
  13. Take Sam to his soccer game/end of season party
  14. Relax & enjoy at least 30 minutes by the pool.
Here's what I'm thinking of for a menu plan this week:

  • Sunday - Oven baked chicken risotto
  • Monday - chicken tacos
  • Tuesday - leftover risotto
  • Wednesday - if any chicken remains, chicken fettuccine
  • Thursday - kebabs (freezer) + gyozas (we have a huge bag, & I need to get rid of them)
  • Friday - Either takeout pizza or leftovers from whatever remains
  • Saturday - grilled burgers, or salmon if it looks good
  • Sunday - likely having M's cousin over for dinner, so probably a Persian feast (rice, kebabs, roasted vegetables, etc).

What about you? Any big plans for the long weekend (if you are in the US)? Also, as the weather gets warmer, our bananas are ripening faster than we can eat them. I have 10 or so in the freezer. I made banana chocolate chip muffins yesterday (loosely based on this recipe), but would love other recommendations, if you have them. 


  1. I am not a huge banana fan (in fact I refuse to eat a plain banana) but I use them as the base for smoothies. I put them in the freezer whole until almost frozen, cut them in half and fill a gallon ziploc bag with them. When we want a smoothie we just need to grab a half, then toss it in the blender.
    TheHub loves banana pudding so I make it for him occasionally. Also a banana icebox pie is easy and can be frozen for later use.

    1. We use them in smoothies as well - I'd forgotten about that. Great idea. Although, a banana icebox pie sounds amazing!

  2. I use one frozen banana a day in my make-at-home acai bowl, and also use them in smoothies, so rarely do ripening bananas get ahead of me.

    We were originally scheduled to be gone the entire weekend in Paso Robles for hiking, biking and wine tasting. In that we've decided to sell our home and relocate closer to the ocean, instead we will be house and community hunting. Not quite the same, but there's always next year. :-)

    1. ooh, Paso Robles sounds fabulous! Where are you thinking, in terms of relocating? Very exciting decisions ahead.

    2. Coastal OC, and yes, we are very excited in that it's close to weather perfect there year round.

  3. We'll be celebrating a birthday with friends - I just realized we've all been friends nearly 20 years now, so that's another thing to celebrate.

    Persian feast sounds ridiculously good. Will you be cooking it yourself?

    1. Hope your celebration is great - a 20 year friendship is incredible!

      M will cook the Persian feast. There will be grilled tomatoes, rice with tadiq, a cucumber yogurt sauce, & grilled beef kebabs. Oh, and wine. :-)