Friday, November 24, 2017

Frugal Friday

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I hope everyone had a lovely day. We started off our day with a Turkey Trot. My 11 year old managed a 21 minute finish. So inspiring! Nick finished in just under 25 minutes, which is also incredible. I was a bit slower. ;-)

After that, we came home, & prepped all of the food. It was my first time making a turkey (breast) & it was delicious. My only fail was the stuffing. The mix was just too stale (should have tossed it!) & ended up wasting the entire batch. I love stuffing, so I was super sad that it didn't turn out.

We dressed up, had martinis (sparkling cider for the kids), made appetizers, and had a lot of laughs. It was very relaxing & fun. Such a lovely time with the family.

As for frugal moves:

  • Used a gift card to buy two bras at Target. I only have one of each color, and when I travel & wear them for long days, I need other options. Found my preferred brand/cut in a 2 pack - for $10! Used the gift card to get them for zero out of pocket.
  • Made my own cranberry sauce, and will use the leftover cranberries to make M's favorite muffins. The cranberry sauce was amazing!
  • Made my own hummus, using lingering stuff around the house. 
  • Found a few Black Friday deals on gifts I was already planning to buy. I'm now officially done with my holiday shopping! 
  • Used eBates to earn a small amount back on each of my Black Friday purchases.
  • Saved the turkey carcass & will make a broth this afternoon
  • Will take the boys to a free "play the coaches" session with their soccer club this morning.
  • Planning to pick up a few Rite Aid gift cards for things we use anyway. (Uber, which I use for work trips to the airport, & Home Depot). 

What about you? How was your Thanksgiving? Any big frugal wins this week?


  1. Wasn't the weather great!! Gotta love California!!

    1. It was gorgeous! And, today as well. Such a lovely day to be outside.

  2. Sounds like a great day! I always use fresh bread for my stuffing, it turns out so much nicer even if you don't put it in the turkey. Sorry yours didn't work out.

    1. I will definitely use fresh bread next time - no more risking it. I may have to make an "off cycle" stuffing, as we only make it for Thanksgiving, and I don't think I can wait that long to try again. :-)

  3. Toob bad about the stuffing-I love it too! It sounds like a lovely way to spend the day.

    1. It was such a nice, relaxing day. So happy to be surrounded by my favorite people.