Sunday, December 10, 2017

An updated menu plan + errands

I was up *almost* at a normal time this morning, and took the kids to futsal (indoor soccer) practice, & then hit up Costco, Rite Aid & the produce stand. I walked on the track with another mom while the kids were at practice, so I can check off my workout. I would have liked to run, but I have a large burn on my foot. (Hotel room in Seoul had zero counter space, so my hair straightener slipped off the sink & landed on my foot. OUCH!)

I wasn't as capable as I'd hoped with the meal planning this week (I normally cook on Friday, Saturday & Sunday, & then we eat leftovers during the work week). So, some modifications are required:

Friday - 12/8 (back from trip) - I will cobble together a chicken risotto Nope, defrosted a Persian rice & bean dish, and had that instead. 
Saturday - 12/9 - M & I are going to a holiday party at our neighbor's house. I'll make quesadillas for the kids. Yes although the party didn't have dinner, as I'd heard from another neighbor. Should have checked! We went to bed pretty hungry, but probably better for the waistline. 
Sunday - 12/10 - Sam has his end of the season soccer party, so the kids will eat there. I'll make chicken pesto pasta for the adults The boys have opted to do another soccer event this afternoon, so skipping this. I'm thrilled, because it's one less meal out, and at a place I don't really care for. Instead, M is making kebabs & rice, with a yogurt sauce. 
Monday - 12/11 - leftover chicken risotto I'll make chicken pesto pasta, as I didn't make the risotto
Tuesday - 12/12 - Soup (freezer) + rolls - Yes, still the plan
Wednesday - 12/13 - pasta & meatballs - Leftover kebabs & rice
Thursday - 12/14 - I have a work team dinner. M + the boys will have tacos - The boys will have pasta & meatballs -
Friday - 12/15 - Chicken pilaf - still the plan!

That's pretty much it for me. Here's hoping I get some of my energy back. I managed to clean the house yesterday, & catch up on most of the laundry. We're in the home stretch before the end of the year - the boys are out of school after this week!

What about you? What's on your menu this week? Any big holiday activities on the horizon?


  1. Welcome home. The only big Christmas activities here are the kids' various concerts, and a club party for youngest--he is in a Numismatic Society club, and their December meeting is a Christmas party. That's more than enough for us as far as outings go, though I do enjoy these things. We have a conflict with eldest DS choir concert, and youngest DS' band concert--I will start off at the band concert, grab him and leave after his group plays, and run to the high school, hopefully in time to hear DS' group sing. Really, this district is so small, there was no need for the conflict--the middle school and high school music directors talk daily, so this really irritated me, to the point that I don't even feel badly about my son having to leave the stage area before the other groups have played. Can you tell I'm still irked by it? In any case, while I love hearing my kids make music, any more activity, and I would not enjoy Christmas at all. Come Friday, we're hunkering down!

  2. Ouch! Sorry about your foot. That sucks. I need to restock the freezer but I am trying not to go crazy grocery shopping this month, tend to lose my mind over Christmas that way

    1. I hear you - it's hard not to stock up & buy lots of festive things. I personally love all of the fancy cheeses they bring out at this time of the year. There's a cranberry wensleydale that I adore. However, my budget nor my waistline needs that.