Sunday, December 17, 2017

Menu plan + final happenings before Christmas

It's the last weekend before Christmas, and we are pretty much ready! I started my packing (trying to see how many bags we need to bring to Portland), & finished my cardamom bread. Yum! I bought fresh yeast again, and opted for two bigger loaves this year. My glaze wasn't quite as thick/white as I would have liked, but the bread baked up beautifully. For the first time ever, my pickiest eater asked for some. This is huge progress.

M tried out an experimental new recipe last night. We were supposed to be on a date night, but both kids felt sick, and I'd only had a few hours of sleep, so we opted to stay at home, split a nice bottle of wine, and have a family night instead. It was perfect! We worked on a puzzle, looked at Christmas lights, watched a holiday movie with a bowl of popcorn, & had a fabulous dinner. The experimental recipe involved making your own breaded chicken (cut into pieces), then stuffed into a hollowed out baguette, wrapped with mozzarella. Then brush the baguette with butter, garlic & fresh parsley & bake. It was heavenly. You can also serve the remainder of the breaded chicken with marinara dipping sauce. He's trying out a different version tonight with homemade meatballs subbing for the chicken. YUM!

Here's the menu for the week:

  • Friday - I made chicken risotto with goat cheese
  • Saturday - previously described "chicken stuffed baguette", as I'll now call it
  • Sunday - meatball stuffed baguette. . . stromboli, maybe? Probably similar to that, minus a homemade pastry as the base
  • Monday - chicken pesto pasta
  • Tuesday - leftover chicken baguette
  • Wednesday - leftover meatball baguette
  • Thursday - Eat any remaining leftovers. If that fails, I'll defrost a chicken pilaf from the freezer
  • Friday - clear out the fridge/freezer. If nothing remains, I'll whip up spaghetti & meatballs
  • Saturday - we fly to Portland & will be eating out with my family after our flight

And, here's what's on the agenda for today:

  1. Wash all of the sheets
  2. Clean the house 
  3. Laundry
  4. Make a packing list
  5. Get some exercise. I want to go for a run, but still have a bit of a burn on the top of my foot from my straightener incident. May opt for one of my strength workouts, which can be done without shoes in a pinch
  6. Take holiday gift over to neighbor
  7. Pick up M's lost coat at other neighbor's house
  8. Take the boys & friends out to frozen yogurt. (This is one of their pre-Christmas gifts - they wanted to treat friends to frozen yogurt). The weather is a bit chilly, & we'd originally planned on the movies, but one friend had a conflict. 
Should be a pretty fun & mellow day. I'm also hoping that, maybe, possibly I'll get a chance to read my book. A girl can dream! What about you? What's on the agenda for today? 


  1. I'v got things I want to do this week, but I m adamant I' only doing wht is mnageabe. Essentially, I can be done preparing for Christmas other thn a few food items for my contribution to meals and buying a few special things once the adult kids are here. Have a great lst week-prepping.

    1. Good plan! It's hard to convince yourself to stay on track, once the tasks start piling up. :-)

  2. The chicken dish from the experimental recipe sounds delicious. Also do you share recipes? I love cardamom and the bread sounds really good.

    1. Sure - here's the cardamom bread recipe. It's fabulous.

      My husband said he wanted to tweak the recipe a bit, but let me see if I can dig out the one he was using as a base for the recipe.