Friday, December 1, 2017

Frugal Friday

It's been the normal crazy week, but there have been some frugal victories. Here's what we have this week:
  • Made turkey broth out of leftover Thanksgiving carcass
  • Ate turkey leftovers all week (turkey enchiladas + turkey chowder)
  • Found a great gift card deal at the grocery store, earning a $20 store gift card. Free groceries! The gift cards were for things we need in the next 6 weeks, so money we would have spent anyway
  • Organized my freezer, so I can now see what we have, and not overbuy/waste food
  • Sold a bike Sam had outgrown for $50
  • Paid to have a dining room chairs re-upholstered vs buying new. Maybe some cost savings, but happy we kept them out of the landfill. They are 20+ years old, and very high quality. Happy to have them back, & they look great.
  • Sold two more items on eBay
  • Sent for the rebate of a pool pump. Even though we had a functioning pool pump, it was a very old school/non-energy efficient version. We bought a newer one that should pay for itself in a year, through reduced energy costs. Plus, there was a rebate of $100 through our power company ending shortly.
  • Ate all meals at home (or, for free at work). Another week of zero dining out!
  • Finished my Christmas shopping, and stuck to my budget.
That's it for us. I'm off to Tokyo tomorrow morning, so while I'll be spending no money, I need to make sure the boys have ample quick meal options. What about you? Any frugal wins for the week?


  1. Good for you - all done your shopping and no eating out! I hope your trip to Tokyo goes smoothly. Last trip before Christmas?

  2. I've been eating down leftover vegetables squash, and soup from last weekend. I am ready for some new meals, but not wasting.

  3. We are buying an awful lot right now topping off Christmas gifts and making our home cozier for the winter cold with flannel sheets and so on. The only upside is that everything is on deep discount. I'm hoping that we'll be done spending pretty soon.