Friday, December 22, 2017

Frugal Friday + Bonus Plans

Another week is almost done! We leave tomorrow for the holidays, & while I'm on call four of the days, I'm hopeful nothing will crop up at work. *fingers crossed*

Here are a few frugal things for the week

  • Bought a $20 Uber gift card for $9.50 using a promo offer from Uber + a Raise discount. Also logged through eBates, so hoping for a small additional discount. We'll use our Uber credit for trips to & from the airport this holiday.
  • Called Alaska about a 2+ hour flight change for a flight I'm taking in March. Tried to get a flight that better matched my original itinerary, but nothing was available. Ended up with a $75 credit for a future flight for a 5 minute phone call. Their customer service is top notch! Even better, after rejigging a few plans, I think the flight change will actually be even better than my original flight.
  • Made all dinners at home
  • Maximized our child care options this week, while the kids were off of school. M took a day off, I took a day off, we did one day of camp, etc. 
  • On M's day with the kids, he took them to the science museum in San Francisco. We used a company discount, so he was able to get in for free, and the kids tickers were 10% off. 

It's also that time of the year where I get my annual bonus, & make a plan for the total (paid out in January). This year will be a bit boring, given my upcoming change in employment, but here's what I'm thinking:

  • Max out my 401K - $18,500
  • Donate - $7,500. This is in addition to our standard monthly charitable deductions. We have a few special projects in mind. 
  • Travel - $7,000 for the year
  • The rest - save for our 2018 yearly expenses
And, that's it! Looking forward to wrapping up work & getting in some family time. What about you? any frugal wins for the week? 


  1. Do you usually fill up your 401(k) at the end of the year or are you just topping up the remaining possible contribution?

    I like your selected allocations, personally, I don't think they're boring at all! We haven't allocated much for travel for next year but I've also lacked the motivation to make travel plans too. I'm sure the calendar will fill up but I think we're due for a restorative Hawaii vacation sometime soon.

    1. I max out at the beginning (in January) using my bonus. This is my 2017 bonus, but it's paid out in mid-Jan.

      And yes, you most definitely need a restorative Hawaii vacation!! We aren't supposed to go in 2018, but I always somehow am keeping an eye on flight deals. ;-)