Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Three Big Goals in 2018

While I'll still be creating a full set of 2018 goals, I'm going to really be focusing on a small set of goals as a top priority for the year. Many of our bigger projects have been solved, including deciding on the following:

  • Location - Seattle or San Francisco
  • Housing - buy or keep renting
  • Rental property - sell or keep 
which leaves us with a few big challenges that need more time and attention. I could spin this & say that I've knocked out a bunch of other goals (factually correct), but I remain disappointed that I couldn't multi task & at least tick off #1 and #3 over the past few years. But. . . what fun would a year be without some very challenging goals that I've tried & failed to accomplish previously?! :-) 

Without further ado, my three big goals in 2018 are:

  1. Lose 20 lbs. I'll include details on the "how" of this within my longer list of goals, as it will include smaller action items. But, I've had this one on my to do list, and have made very little progress since I started my current job, with all of the international traveling. 
  2. Quit my job. Again, this requires a full plan, with lots of savings, etc. But, I'm ready emotionally & financially. (Fingers crossed that both of those hold up).
  3. Run a half marathon. Aside from #1, I enjoyed running so much when I was doing it consistently, and I really miss it in my life. Of course, you don't wake up & run a half marathon, so I'll have a full plan for this one as well.
When I look at these three holistically, it's pretty clear that my job is the big point of interference to both #1 and #3, as well as my overall stress level. It will be interesting how solving #2 will impact the other two. 

What about you? If you had to list just a few (less than a handful of goals) for 2018, what would they be?

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