Friday, March 23, 2018

Frugal Friday

The past few weeks have been crazy, so I've greatly enjoyed my work from home day today. There weren't a lot of frugal wins, but I'll take what I can get!

  • Made muffins for M to take on an upcoming trip. And, homemade muffins are way tastier/better for you, not to mention frugal. 
  • Made my own vanilla, out of beans I found lingering in the pantry.
  • Stretched our two weekend meals (curry, & kebabs/rice) into four weekday meals. No waste, and was able to freeze one dinner's worth of curry.
  • Received $735 of a stock refund (part of my equity through work, they sell in even batches, and sometimes there is an odd amount left). Put the money straight into our "unfunded" 2018 goals - college money for the kids, and extra payment on our vacation house mortgage.
  • Drove the electric car to work each day, and charged for free.

I'm hoping for a nice & boring weekend. :-) I do need to get Nick new cleats (he lost one cleat. How?!), and plan to clean the house & just get stuff done tomorrow. Hurrah for a free weekend day! Any frugal wins on your side?


  1. Sttetchimg out cooming, no waste, and freezer meal? Success.

    1. It felt good for sure! I love making sure there's no waste.

  2. Weird about losing one cleat, maybe it got left at the field? Homemade vanilla? Is that difficult....I am intrigued

    1. Nick takes his cleats off after the game, so I think it's in another parent's car. But, I emailed everyone & no dice. So, I'm thinking it didn't get in the bag, and then fell out while the driver was dropping off the other kids in the carpool. That's all I can come up with.

      And, homemade vanilla is so easy! It's vanilla beans (I had them lingering around my pantry forever) + vodka. Store in a glass bottle, shake & it's ready in about 4 weeks. Here's the recipe I used.