Friday, March 30, 2018

Frugal Friday

For whatever reason, I foolishly went into this week thinking it was going to be a lot easier than the previous two weeks. I was proven wrong. ;-) Work has been crazy, and lots of logistics/juggling going on. But, we've survived!

Here are my frugal things for the week:

  1. Sold a kids bike that was outgrown. Made $75
  2. Sold 5 books for $2. Mostly just to get them out of the house. ;-)
  3. Kept eating out to 1x, using a gift card. This was a big win, as there were multiple nights where I was tempted in this regard.
  4. We've pretty much eaten all of the fruit & veggies in the house, which is an awesome position to be in, heading into grocery shopping for tomorrow.
  5. Listed a pair of pants on eBay, and have a bid for $5. I know, all of these big sales, where I'm just racking in the money! 
  6. Avoided grocery shopping mid-week, even though we could have used a few things. I'll thank time & laziness, as I may have gone if I could have just fit it into the schedule.
  7. Contacted our power company, as they are not yet giving us credit for our solar generation. I almost missed this in the bill, but am now actively working the case. 
That's all from my side. Any frugal wins for you?


  1. You remember when your children were small and the days seemed endless sometimes. Now they are at the point when life runs from one event to the other and time rushes by at warp speed. I am impressed that meals out were only 1 time during the week. I remember those days of chaotic schedules when it was so much easier to pick up something on the way home, even if it was just to grab a roasted chicken to have with a salad. You are doing great and should be very proud.

    1. You are so correct - such a different season right now! It's hard to juggle on my own, but we are getting by. :-)

  2. Even if the solar credit is not much, it's the principle of the ting. I woudl like to have more renewable options here.Good job on the little extra funds.

    1. We put solar panels on our roof, so they are meant to roughly offset the cost of our energy. We also pay for gas, so that's a separate expense, but none of it is yet running through. The power company is hard to even get on the phone, so I just keep emailing. One day, they'll fix it. ;-)