Friday, March 2, 2018

February Goals Recap

As usual, the month sped by. Overall, it was a good month for us. Here's how we did. 


  • Spend $200 or less on groceries (have a gift card for the rest) - Yes! We were able to use a gift card, and keep the spending to $151. Win!
  • Keep dining out to $150 (that's with two birthdays) - Yes! We spent $139. This included a dinner out for my birthday, plus an unexpected meal out when we had a power outage. 
  • Pay for plans on house remodel, so we can get a finalized budget & timeline, and make prioritizations - On track. Have paid for the plans & have met with the designer. Waiting to hear back from the designer on budget & timeline.
  • Come up with one way to reduce what we need/spend on an ongoing basis - I came up empty for February, so hopefully can figure out two ideas for March.
  • Assuming one car is back from the shop, sell our sedan (carryover from Jan, as car isn't back from shop) - eh. This hasn't happened. M has had a lot going on, and he's responsible for this. 
  • If we sell the sedan, call around for new car insurance. (ditto above)
  • Earn another $200 in sidehustle money. Split this between college money for the kids, & an extra payment on our vacation house mortgage.- I made $225 this month
  • Get our taxes sorted! Yikes, so scared to tackle this. - Have handed off all docs to accountant, & also answered all questions that have been generated to date. There was an error in my husband's W2, so we need that resolved before we can proceed


  • Have one family evening together: cooking dinner, board games, etc - we went skiing instead!
  • Have a date night with my husband - Yes, & it was lovely!
  • Continue financial help (knowledge, not money) with sister & friend - Yes, I sent a doc with additional money saving, budgeting & overall financial help. Continuing to provide input & support. 
  • Determine timing & budget for adults only vacation - Timing is sorted, and we will likely go to Napa in July while the kids are in camp. Budget is still a bit of a work in progress. 
  • Take the kids skiing one time - Yes, and they had a great time!

  • Complete another full round of 21 Day Fix - Completed 19 of 21 days, and used the other two for additional running. So, I'm okay with the tradeoff. 
  • Eat 5.5 servings a day of fruit & veggies - Closed the month with 4.4 servings/day
  • Lose 3 pounds - I lost 2.6 pounds. 
  • Run at least 6 times - Yes! I ran 6 times this month. 
  • Work from home 3 days - Yes, done
  • Take two classes that I need for a work opportunity - Nope. Work is absolutely crazy right now. 


  • Make one new recipe - nope. We kept the menu simple this month.
  • Spend time with a friend -Yes! Met a friend for dinner.
  • Volunteer at least 1x - yes, actually volunteered 2x.
  • Write for at least 4 hours on personal stuff - Nope. :-( Need to plan time for this. 
  • Summarize my findings from completing my Dream Bio, and plan to turn at least one of those findings into action. - No, still haven't done much with my findings. 

All in all, I'm happy with the progress this month, and need to sort my March goals! What about you? How did you do with your monthly goals?


  1. Woo hoo look at all the green! It was a successful month for you! Now on to March

    1. Thanks! It was a pretty good month. I was focused & made things happen - let's hope I can continue in March!

  2. Can you tell me about the 21 day fix? Do you use your own hand weights? Do you need to have any special equipment? Can I stream the workouts on my laptop? Do you use their eating plan? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi apple. Sure, I use a version of the 21 Day Fix that works for me. I basically do all of the strength days (there are 9, total in the workouts). I have two sets of hand weights & a mat (5 lbs & 8 lbs) & use those for the strength days. I do the pilates & yoga, so another 6 workouts. Cardio is 6 workouts, but I tend to sub for running outside. 21 Day Fix is a workout DVD that contains all of the above workouts. They are each 30 minutes, which I like so I can get it done quickly.

      I bought the DVDs off of eBay, so I'm not sure about streaming. Maybe it's available for purchase?

      I do not use the eating plan. I have a calorie goal, and try to completely avoid sweets, but I do drink wine on weekends. I also try to limit carbs & hit a goal for fruit & veggies.

      Hope that helps. Good luck!

  3. Thank you so much! I've heard of the program so often but didn't know much about it. I walk 6-10 miles five days a week but want to add some strength training in without going to a gym. I think I'm going to give it a try. It looks like I can get two weeks of streaming free. We no longer have a DVD player so I'd need the streaming option. I'm so glad you mentioned this. I do appreciate your information. I have a Fitbit and have had success just entering my food and keeping track of it. I don't eat sugar either, but I do like chips.:/ Oh yes, I've got weights and a mat so that's taken care of. I'm looking forward to doing this. Thank you again.