Friday, May 24, 2019

Frugal Friday

After a very non frugal weekend (two rounds of food delivery, more than we normally do in a year + a lunch out), we are back on track.

Here's what we accomplished this week:

  • Drove the electric car to Santa Cruz, saving on gas mileage
  • Charged the car for free at work (M)
  • Ate delivery leftovers for dinner two nights in a row
  • Finally returned an Amazon order to the UPS store, because I had an opportunity to get there during the week
  • Likewise, returned a few things to the store for M that didn't fit 
  • Called about a $25 incorrect charge on my credit card, which got dropped
  • Picked strawberries (3) & zucchini (1) off our plants, before the squirrels could get to them
  • Made my own protein balls for breakfast
  • Emailed Raise about a bad gift card transaction, & got them to apply a $10 credit to my account for a future purchase
  • Used $10 in Rite Aid rewards for things we needed around the house. Plus, treated myself to fruit flavored herbal teas - my favorite. The weather here has been unseasonably cool, so I've been enjoying the tea. 
  • Shared a gifted bottle of wine with my sister & friend while they were in town
That's it for us - it wasn't the most frugal weekend at all, with guests in town, but we had a fabulous weekend & rolled with the punches. It was nice to have a few splurges. 

What about you? Any frugal wins for the week?


  1. Not really :(. I had hoped to eat in during our reno...but total exhaustion took over and takeout it was. $45 total for both days isn't too bad though. Today we move furniture back into place as all the carpet is in. I am making something totally healthy tonight like grilled chicken and salad. No more eating out! Bad for our pocket book and waists

  2. Hosting is never an expensiveness event, is it? As you said though, the time with your family was probably worth every penny.

  3. Well I found a dime while grocery shopping.