Friday, June 14, 2019

Frugal Friday

Another week, a few more frugal wins! The gift card wins continue. Here's what we've accomplished this week:

  • The big one - today we're driving from our house (Bay area) to north of Portland to visit my family. It's about a 12 hour drive, but we're saving on four flights, and the cost of a rental car for multiple visits back & forth to my parents. We'll leave the car there, then M will fly home to work a bit while I go to Hawaii, and we will then have the car for our trips. Because M won't stay the entire time, his flight back & forth was required, but typically he flies in & out twice. This year, it's just once. I'd estimate that we're saving about $1600, after calculating for gas & food on the trip. 
  • Bought road trip supplies a Target using a discounted gift card I picked up at the holidays last year.
  • Brought our own snacks & water for the road, although we will stop along the way to give the kids a chance to stretch.
  • Made my own protein balls vs buying protein bars (my favorite easy breakfast)
  • Working on a significant yard project on my own vs hiring help. We may still hire help for parts of it, but I'm getting a lot done on my own.
  • Had the opportunity for a date night, but rather than going out, came home & made steak & had wine while we watched the Warriors game. 
  • Hosted a friend & her son at our pool, taking advantage of the sunk cost of pool maintenance.
  • Bought a $100 Lowe's gift card (projects continue) for $92 on Raise with a special Father's Day deal, and earned a little bit back via eBates.
  • Picked up two $50 Home Depot gift cards through Rite Aid, earning $16 in Rite Aid rewards. Now is the best time of year to pick up discounted home improvement store gift cards, if you have any projects on the horizon. 
What about you? Did you have any frugal wins this week? Do you buy discounted gift cards? If so, any tips you'd share?


  1. Would you be able to share your protein balls recipe please? I am in Ontario, we watched the game as well it was an exciting series. We are skipping late night snacks for a little fruit, hope to see the budget and waistlines shrink. My 11 year old is on a mission to have us cut our plastic usage so looking forward on getting creative.

    1. I have the recipe at home, but will try to remember to post them when I'm back. They are super easy: peanut butter, oats, protein powder & honey. They also call for chocolate chips, but I skip those. If you are making them for kids or aren't worried about sugar, the chocolate chips are a great addition. I'll get the ingredients ratio & post. They are great!

  2. I buy gift cards through the drugstore deals too if it is something we use all of the time or can be used for a gift. Otherwise I use Raise. At Christmas our grocery store has gift card deals and I always take advantage of those. I hope you are having a good time.

    1. Same! I love taking advantage for things we're already planning to buy. Even though it's often just a little in savings, free money!