Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Making progress

With the weather being too hot (100+) to do any outside activities over the last few days, I've mostly skipped the yard work, & focused on inside projects. I prefer to be outside, but hey, do what you can with the weather you've been given & all of that.

Sam narrowly avoided a tooth extraction by pulling out his own tooth late on Monday. Apparently, he really, really didn't want to go to the oral surgeon. ;-) The tooth was loose, so I don't think it was terribly painful. We went to the orthodontist in the morning, and he still has two baby teeth, so can't start with any other course of treatment until those last baby teeth are out. In six months, if both teeth aren't gone, he'll likely have to have them removed, as they are disrupting where the adult teeth are growing in, causing crowding. I see additional expensive dental work in our future.

The boys got in the pool yesterday, played Magic (a card game), did a few chores for me around the house, and spent time at the library. All in all, it's exactly how I've envisioned a relaxing summer. The kids have even gotten (gasp) bored, which I think is a great sign. I remember boredom leading to creativity when I was growing up, and sometimes our over scheduled lives means that kids don't really get to experience boredom. The boys have also signed up for the reading challenge at the library, and are both reading a lot,which is fantastic to see.

We just received news that both boys will be in the advanced math track (6th grade is the last of the standardized test hurdles required) for the following school year. This means that, if all goes well, they will be able to take honors math through high school. I have mixed feelings about this. In many ways, I feel that the schools are super competitive where we are, and push the kids too much. That said, if they have a passion for math & learning, I'm glad they will be appropriately challenged. Luckily, M is a great at math & will be able to help Nick with his homework next year, to ensure he's practicing the problems at home.

As for today, my list is reasonable. And, it's supposed to be much cooler today (88 vs over 100). Hurrah!

  • Drop off paperwork for Sam at the school
  • Clean the house
  • Boys do their house cleaning chores
  • Finish all packing (minus very last minute stuff)
  • Nick is having a friend over
  • Strength workout
  • Yoga
  • Journal & meditate
  • Clean another closet or organize paperwork/filing
That's it for me. What do you have going on at your house?


  1. I have been cleaning guest rooms and the guest bathroom. It looks like you have a busy day.

  2. We've cooled down ten degrees today and I'm grateful for it. I often think that we need to reserve at least half the weekend days for JB to be bored and find ways to be creative on zir own instead of being shuttled from one activity to the next. It's only partly because I don't want to be doing all the shuttling :)

  3. Some observations about honors and AP classes with regard to our experience with two daughters - it does put them in a classroom situation with pretty focused kids, vs the reverse, which I thought was of tremendous value. It also ended up shaving off a full semester of college for each daughter (once they started with AP courses), and possibly most compelling, college was EZ once they got there, because of the study skills they'd acquired during their AP years.

    You know your own boys best, of course, but over here I loved seeing them busy all the time between studies and extracurriculars. And it was pretty awesome to see each one receive numerous college acceptances as a result of their efforts, including many 'Your in!' letters from our excellent California UC system.

    My own high school experience was very, very different, because no one was encouraging me to be the best that I could be. I made up for it in college, once I got there on my own in my 20's, but I would have far preferred to head there straight from high school, given a do over.

  4. And on the household front - the painters are finishing up repainting my kitchen cabinets white, and should be done today, at which point I can't wait to move everything back in and have full access again. Hubby and I are both weary of fast/prepared food, and who knew how much I actually do enjoy cooking??? (And leftovers!)